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Ember and her sister Cori are finally reunited, but the shifter-hunting Orion League are gearing up to play their final hand and wipe out all supernaturals. Despite being held captive by the Mage Lords, Ember and Cori refuse to give up on their plans to find the other dragon shifters. But if the hunters get there first, it’ll be an all-out bloodbath.

Ember and her friends race the clock to find out the truth lost with their memories, but between the League’s threat, a too-tempting ex-hunter, and the plight of her people, Ember must pick a side. If she chooses wrong, it may be the end of all supernaturals in this realm.


Another series over. This was an overly complicated book. Ember and everyone is constantly running around doing things. They don’t stop to think about why they’re doing anything. They just go and do it and it always ends up to actually matter even though they set out just to go home or something and got side tracked.

The problem with them running around doing things is that nothing ever actually happened. Things were happening, but it never amounted to anything. Every time they tried to do something, they ended up in the same place they were. For example, without spoilers, Ember went someplace 4 separate times, and nothing ever happened for it except disappointment. I suspect that if they stayed home sleeping and eating, it would have had as much effect as whatever in the world they were doing all book.

If these characters didn’t have plot armor, they would be dead. The amount of times Ember passes out in the middle of a fight alone should be proof of this. And a world record. She should hold the world record for amount of times rendered unconscious in a month long period.

At least we solved that will they won’t they problem.

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