Warning: Cliffhanger (Where’d he go?)

Amazon Blurb:

Being a dragon shifter is no picnic. Being a fugitive is even harder. But after their audacious escape from the supernatural-hunting Orion League, Ember and her friends have to lie low.

Easier said than done when her sister lies in a magical coma, and the key to saving her is a rare item coveted by all supernaturals. In order to track down the item, Ember must once again team up with Astor, the ex-hunter who betrayed her once already. But there’s more than one scheme at work beneath the streets of London, and if Ember fails to stop the League’s latest plan, the hunters will drive the remaining shifters to extinction.


Arise is very much the same type of book as Alight. It takes place 3 weeks after the events of Alight and nothing has changed at all.

Arise is a lot more sedate than Alight, but it is still jammed packed with action. The reason it is slower is because it isn’t as rushed towards an ending because there isn’t anyone to save. Yet, they’re still all worried about Ember’s sister, because she can’t wake up. They are worried about other things, too, but mostly her sister. So what is most of this book about? The relationship drama.

This will-they-won’t-they where they obviously will is driving me mad. They don’t know anything about each other! They don’t even like each other! They do nothing but fight.  Why is this getting so much attention?! They basically never even talk to each other about anything other than the problem at hand or fighting. My honest wish is that at the end of the third and final book, they walk away from each other to live entirely different lives.

That isn’t all. None of the characters use their brain. They just do the first thing that pops into their head. It gets them in trouble, always. If one of them doesn’t like that idea, they go off and do their own idea. Which means the rest are left hanging in a battle zone because they’re relying on someone else doing or not doing something. This is all a mess. They never listen to each other, they do the oddest things, they run around going lalalala in circles. The fact they manage to not get killed is a miracle. That they manage to complete their goal is nothing less than an act of author-god.

The plot and the characters have no growth between books. This is very clearly the middle book in a trilogy because nothing of any real importance happens in the plot. The characters, who I had hoped to find some growth in them are still shallow and one dimensional.

Overall, just an entirely meh book. It wasn’t terrible, but there isn’t anything that stands out as good or even important, either.

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