44 points, 2 ¼ stars


Can Raine outwit the masters of deceit?

Kicked out of Faerie and on the run from the ruling Sidhe, Raine Warren is less than happy to be tasked with saving both mortal and faerie realms from an all-too-personal threat. With her surviving allies in terrible danger, it’s up to Raine to devise a scheme to stop the outcast Sidhe before they obliterate the Courts and everyone inside them.

Together with Cedar, former thief and fellow exile, she must find a way to beat the Sidhe at their own games — without her desire for retribution turning her into a queen as ruthless as the ones who covet her power. 


This story is overly complicated, when it really doesn’t need to be. In fact, it would be better if it weren’t. There are so many betrayals and complicated plans and half thought out beliefs running around in Exiled Queen, I was just glad when it was over. It can be done well – the betrayals and complicated plans that is. The author just needs to actually put the words in to make it more than afterthought so I care.

We see a lot of Ivy Lane in this book. Again, I don’t believe it is necessary to read the Changeling Chronicles series prior to these books, but it would probably help.

The characters, once again, just kind of end up where they’re supposed to be, doing what they’re supposed to be doing, and everything is okay in the end. They’re still the same people they were when the series started, yet they think they’re better now that they went through these trials. Raine has the boyfriend, and the powers, and the security inherent in those at the end. This isn’t going to be a surprise to anyone.

The only real surprise was that we got to see Ivy. It was nice, and every time she was in the scene, she commanded that scene. Best scenes in the book. I like seeing the almost worship they have for her and what she has done, what they learn she has done. I like seeing her through others’ eyes. I just liked Ivy as a character a lot more than I like Raine or liked Emberly.

Another book, another series ended. I think I’m done with spinoffs for awhile.

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