54 points, 2 ¾ stars
Warning: Cliffhanger (Look! It’s Ivy!)


Raine Warren, unwilling heir to the Whitefall family of the Winter Court, might have lived long enough to claim the magic she inherited, but there are others who’d like to make sure she can never use it again.

With the Summer Court dangerously close to discovering her deadly secret, her only option to avoid a trial for murder is to ally with the same family who nearly killed her. Her task: find out how her all-powerful faerie mother met her mysterious death, or forfeit her life.

Even with the help of her best friend, Viola, and a certain unreliable thief, her quest seems insurmountable. As the borderlands are threatened by a dark force, Raine finds herself caught up in a conspiracy that puts her and the people she loves in the centre of a confrontation between Faerie and their deadliest enemy. If she lives long enough to learn the truth, exile and death are the least of her worries.


It has been a few weeks since we’ve met Rine. She is more comfortable with herself and her place in the world. No one is trying to kill her. She has found a way to go back and forth between the two realms – even if it means a bunch of favours. And she is going to spend Christmas with her father. Too bad everything comes along to fuck it up again.

This book was all action. We go from event to event, crisis to crisis the entire time. We never really stop to question why we are doing anything or what we are doing. Everything ends up where it needs to be in the end, though.

We do get to see more of the romance, though. It is playing out exactly like I thought it would. “Oh poor pitiful Cedar, he has never really had his life to his own”. And she trusts him and sort of likes him anyway, despite what he has done. The romances in Adam’s work just do not make sense to me.

Onwards to the last in the trilogy.

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