I decided to group these all together, because I don’t really have a lot to say on an individual level, really. These are very short books, very quick reads.

See, if you haven’t read Rylee Adamson by Shannon Mayer first, you’ll get absolutely nothing out of reading these epilogues. There is nothing going on in these that would appeal to anyone who hasn’t read the main series.

I’ll take it a step further and say if you haven’t read Shannon Mayer’s Elemental series as well, or have no plans on reading it, you’ll get nothing out of this as well. I’ve read through four, Windburn, and I say that it is necessary to read at least through that level to enjoy this series at all. Otherwise, all the nuance that isn’t actually said to save on word count is lost.

I say it is necessary to read through Windburn, yet Shannon Mayer’s Rylee Adamson, Elemental and now Questing Witch series should really be read in PUBLICATION ORDER. While I enjoy both series, I read them basically as they came out because I hopped in early. Publication order is the only way to go with these series, because of the amount of back and forth between them. Luckily, she mostly makes that easy for you.

Short Review of Rylee Adamson books 1-10: Rylee is Tracker, who looks for lost kids after her sister disappeared when they were little kids. Because of who and what she is, Rylee ends up in surrounded by a demonic plot to take over Earth. I enjoyed reading the series a lot. The end took me to new lows regarding just how damn hard I could cry. It was worth it for me to read, but it has been a while.

Short Review on the Elemental books 1-4: Larkspur is an Elemental who doesn’t really fit in anywhere. She is one of the last of her Elemental type, Spirit, and others fear her. She also has the Mother Goddess on her side, guiding her actions, and an evil Stepmother bent on ruling all the Elementals. I enjoyed reading it when I read it, but I was always an emotional wreck while reading it, so that could have coloured things. I had to take a break from reading it entirely after I got tired of crying every couple months.

These epilogues are kind of like a long advertisement for the Elemental – while still requiring you to have read them to understand the plot. Most of the plot of these novels are intrinsically tied to the Elemental…with characters from the Rylee Adamson books. This is also a prequel to her Questing Witch series, too. It lays the groundwork for it. Each book builds on the last, so they really need to be read in order.

Overall, if you’re caught up to date or reading in order, go ahead and read these. If not, skip them.


Warning: Cliffhanger (Noooo not the babies!)

Amazon Blurb:

My name is Rylee and I was a Tracker.

The final battle is over and The Blood of the Lost was spilled. In the aftermath, the humans still have mysteries they call upon me for. Except I can no longer Track, and my new abilities terrify me.

A salvage is offered to me, and with it a chance to redeem myself. A missing girl, her brother desperate to find her. Simple and straightforward, this salvage should be a piece of cake – and a chance to learn some discipline with my powers.

Except the girl is somehow tied to the world of the Elementals, and with that comes a danger I could never have expected.

As I search for her, I realize it is not only her life that is on the line, but my soul and sanity as well, as the voices and unnatural needs in me grow more demanding.

If I am to save us both, I must face the darkness within; and this time, I must do it all by myself.


Rylee was exactly how I remembered Rylee. Only a bit more angry and lost. This is nonstop action from the word go. It takes no time at all for this book to start, and almost ends as abruptly as it started. Her anger issues break the charts. It just felt so short and fast, probably because it was.

The plot centers around Rylee trying to find herself again after the end of the series. She is now a daywalking vampire, she has lost her tracker powers. She is trying to come to terms with both of these facts and trying to figure out what to do from here. She isn’t just a mother, now. I really liked these aspects of the story, could have done without so much anger, but I could live with it.


Warning: Cliffhanger (Yeah, okay, I saw that coming.)

Amazon Blurb:

My name is Liam, and I was an FBI agent, until I stepped into the world of Rylee Adamson. Now, I’m a Guardian, a wolf shifter whose very design is to protect those around him at any cost.

The battle against Orion is done, the demons banished. In their wake, there are so many innocents who have lost their lives, their families, and their way.

Three of them our now ours to raise—the ogre triplets. Three boys I’ve come to love as if they were my own. And they are dying.

In a race against time, I must do the impossible. Find a female ogre willing to help us save the boys. A female from a species we had believed was wiped out.

There is one reclusive tribe left—but they aren’t sharing anything but death.

If I am to save my boys, I must face them down; and this time I must look inside myself and find a strength I did not know was possible, without Rylee at my side. If I fail, I fail not only my boys.

I may fail the world.


Like Rylee, Liam is trying to figure out who he is now after the events in Blood of the Lost. He was a Wolf Guardian, he was two people, and now he is neither of those. All while trying to find a way to save their babies. I didn’t like his finding himself as much as Rylee. It was a lot of self doubt and stuff. Meh.

The plot relied heavily on coincidence, and driven by an unnecessary time limit. This just wasn’t as good as the last. The time limit just feels forced – after months of being fine, now we suddenly only have 2 days to finish it? And then, when he gets where he is going basically the first person he runs into by accident is the one he is looking for.


Warning: cliffhanger (Yeah, I wasn’t really actually bothered by this one)

Amazon Blurb:

My name is Pamela, and I am a witch.

I will protect Rylee’s pack, my family, at all costs. They are my greatest treasure, one I never dreamed to have. And I will defend them – even to the damning of my soul.

The demons have been beaten back, but I can feel darkness lurking just beyond my sight. Darkness that is coming for those I love. To protect them, I will chance everything on a stranger.

Raven is an Elemental of great power whose words resonate within my soul. Yet while he calls to my inner spirit, I know I cannot trust him.

To prove I am worthy of his tutelage, I must complete three tasks before he will teach me the one spell I want above all others. A way to bring home loved ones taken too soon.

His first mission will drop me straight into the fiery heart of the elemental world where there waits for me both death . . .and life.

Now I must salvage my courage and conquer Raven’s challenges, or be prepared to lose everything I hold dear to my heart.


Pamela’s story was interesting. She is still only about 15 years old, so really young. She is hurting from what she had to do, what she has lost. She finds a kitty cat that failed out of being a familiar, who is a little scared thing. They fit each other well, even if the familiar isn’t very good at her job yet.

The story was interesting because Pamela is working with the enemy from the Elemental series. This is the one where you really, really need to read the Elemental series to understand what is going on here. You did for Rylee, too, but this one is super essential. Most of this will fly over your head if you haven’t read it.

Technically, the plot is that Raven, the enemy from the Elemental, is teaching teaching Pamela elemental magics. And also resurrecting her boyfriend, Frank, that died. There really isn’t much that actually happens in this book but Pamela running off and finding trouble occasionally because she is doing something for Raven.

It also drops a ton of hints that Blood of the Lost wasn’t the worst of it, there is more to come that is even worse. That Raven is preparing everyone for it, in his own way.


Warning: Cliffhanger (How the fuck is there a goddamn cliffhanger on the last book in a sequel batch of epilogues? How? Tell me!)

Amazon Blurb:

My name is Alex, and I am a werewolf. As a boy, I was trapped halfway between human and wolf. Rylee rescued me and I became the first outcast to join her pack.

In the Battle Against Orion, I sacrificed my life for hers and became the pillar which holds the Veil separating the human world and the supernatural world, closed. I kept the demons from spilling into the human world and left Rylee and our pack behind to live on.

But something is calling me back to the land of the living and the journey to get there terrifies me. I must pass through the darkest levels of the Veil to prove my worth, and will come face to face with my past and all of those I’ve lost along the way. My deepest fear is that I’m not strong enough and I will prove unworthy.

If I don’t at least try though, I’ll remain forever with the dead and separated from my pack.

Eternity is a long time, but this decision and journey may very well tear me apart before I reach either destination. May the gods have mercy on my soul.


So you know how I just said Pamela was about resurrecting Frank? Surprise, it was about Alex instead! This entire damn thing was about Alex finding his way out of being dead. That was it. He gets out of death, and end story.


That’s right, Lynchpin isn’t the end of the story. It is basically an advertisement for the final book of the Elemental. Unfortunate.