Warning: Cliffhanger (I don’t know how to describe this type of cliffhanger but I hate it.)

Amazon Blurb:

In the City, the Werewolves are restless.

Gabi is striving to get back to life as usual. Dealing with the aftermath of being kidnapped and tortured by Dantè, wrapping her head around being a Dhampir, and trying to figure out Julius’s unexpected attitude as he withdraws from her and becomes cool and distant. As if that isn’t enough to cope with, she receives the disturbing news that someone she cares about has been dragged unwillingly into her world after a brutal and calculated Werewolf attack.

As rogue Werewolves run rampant through the City, it becomes clear there will be no gentle reintroduction to Gabi’s duties as Hunter for the Societas Malus Venatori. Once again the Vampires join forces with the SMV to contain the threat, but the odds seem stacked against them and the casualties keep mounting. Tensions run high as the perpetrators manage to stay one step ahead of the Hunters and the senseless violence continues. No one suspects betrayal from within, until Gabi’s pets unmask a traitor. But the traitor isn’t the real threat and the war has only just begun.

This time their nemesis isn’t playing by any rules and no one is safe in this deadly, new game. Not even the Master Vampire of the City. As the undeniable chemistry between Gabi and Julius reignites, they realise the danger isn’t only to the human population of the City, but threatens to overwhelm them all. What they finally uncover brings Gabi into very real conflict with the SMV Council and leaves her questioning her life-long allegiances.

Not all monsters come in obvious monster packages and sometimes what you’re fighting to protect is what you should be fighting against.

Not everyone will walk away from this fight intact.

Strap in, hang on and grab a breath while you can. All hell is about to break loose!


“That’s rich, coming from you, Hellcat, I would’ve thought it was impossible for a Vampire to get grey hairs until I met you!”


It is like Hannaford took all my criticisms from the last book, and turned them around. At the same time, she also took all the things I liked and made them better! Honestly I enjoyed reading this even more than the last one, simply because it didn’t have the painful opening. The quality of this is on par with what I saw in the end of the first book.

Gabi is exactly like her cat. Loyal and cuddly to those she loves. Angry and dangerous against those who want to do her and those she loves harm. And she is perfectly willing to bask in a nice ray of sunshine (her Julius). And her sunshine suits her so well. They’re perfect together. In the beginning of the book, Julius is worried about everything because he doesn’t think he would be a good choice for Gabi and resolves to stay away. Typically when this happens I groan because I know, I just know it is going to take all book to resolve and they’re going to end up together anyway. This…didn’t happen. I’m so happy, because I really like them together. The first time Gabi confronts him on this he caves and it is perfect ever after. These two characters really are the most compelling part to this series.

The plot is decently written, if not unique. There is a group of werewolves going around turning other werewolves and leaving them around “to prove themselves before they find their way back to the pack”. The person doing it is also a really rich recluse. Yeah, not exactly unique, but it is written rather well. There is a twist in that the dude is doing things on the genetic level, but that isn’t really explored much. I think the plot could have been better if it focused on this one way or the other, though. Either take it out or build it up, but don’t just toss it in there as a throwaway and hope the readers who like it think that is enough, and the readers who don’t don’t complain because it isn’t a lot.

The worldbuilding tightened up. Instead of being off the cuff, it seems to be getting some rules, some consistency. We definitively answered the question on whether humans know or not – it isn’t all wishy washy. I still love how the city they live in is just the City though. It makes me giggle. What a City. One thing I do want to mention, though. Money. AHAHAHAHAHAHA They’re all rich. Super rich. “I bought a lambo on a whim after my house just burned down and I have to replace everything” rich. They never have to worry about money at all. It is hilarious.

I really enjoy reading these books.

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