Warning: animal abuse

A Short Trip to Hell is a collection of four very small short stories in the Hellcat series. They’re all pretty small, mostly covering one event each. They are not at all necessary to read, and all take place before the start of the series. They should, however, be read after book four, just because they rely on you having knowledge of certain events so they don’t feel like part of a story and not the full story. These aren’t really happy stories, but they are the stories of the characters we have come to enjoy.

So This is Hell

This first story is the story of Fergus, the dour Scottish vampire, and his change from human to vampire. If you have been reading the series to date, you know this isn’t exactly a happy story. And indeed, this isn’t. This is so short, though, that I wasn’t really able to get emotionally invested in it outside of what I already had in me from the series.

To Dance with the Devil

This second story is much longer than the first, and it is Julius’ time to shine. We see a lot more of his life than we did Fergus’ which was just a snapshot. We see Julius as a human and while he is changed into and accepting becoming a vampire. Hannaford goes much more into depth this short story. I cared about Julius, I cared what was going on. It made me feel things and hope for things for how the series will end.

One Hell of a Day

This was another very quick story, this time dealing with Alexander. This is so abbreviated, I think, because we have already heard the outcome of his story. We have heard what comes after the end of this story. If you combined this short story with what we got in one of the previous books, we’d get the full story. As it is, it is a fragment of what came before what we have already learned.

Blood and Thunder

This was definitely the best (and probably longest) short story out of all of them. It was also the most depressing. Who knew Razor (yes, the cat) had such a depressing backstory? I suggest strongly staying away from this if you don’t want to read about harm coming to animals.

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