Warning: Cliffhanger (Of fucking course. Why would I expect any different?)

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When Werewolves start turning up dead, drained of blood, the City’s Alphas turn accusing eyes on the Vampires. It doesn’t take much to get the newly-formed Werewolf Alliance riled up. But once Vampires start dying the same way it becomes clear they have a mutual enemy.

An unexpected visitor brings news that vulnerable supernaturals from neighbouring towns are also being kidnapped and murdered, and that the City seems to be the focus of the violence. With no idea of the motives behind the attacks, Gabi and the rest of the City’s defenders immediately commit to eliminating whoever, or whatever, is behind the bizarre and gruesome acts.

Adding to the chaos, demons suddenly attack in unprecedented numbers, stretching the City’s supernatural resources thin. The reappearance of an old foe from the Etherworld sparks fears that Mariska is back and still seeking revenge. And that once again, she’s made powerful, dark alliances. When all fingers point to something hellbent on uncovering whatever secrets the City hides, eyes finally turn to the Magi.

A war will be waged for the greatest supernatural prize of them all, and the outcome is impossible to predict. Not even the presence of a powerful Princep and the shocking revelation of Julius’s true potential can assure victory for the pure of heart.

This time Gabi is determined to get Mariska in her crosshairs, and she’s ready and willing to even the score. But there is no guarantee that everyone will survive this trip to Hell and back!


“Some of you already know that there is something here in the City that the Magi protect. To us it is known as the Source. It is the strongest pool of magical energy on Earth.”


Have I said that I am addicted to this couple yet? Because, I definitely am addicted. I can’t stop reading these. In To Hell and Back we have a new friend, some new powers, and an old enemy resurfaced.

In addition to the old friends we love, we have a new friend. His name is Mac, and he used to be a hunter like Gabi was, only he was solo. He is exactly what Gabi is looking for, for something. He is human, he already knows about the supernatural and the job. He is perfect, and he mixes in with the crew instantly! Interesting, and it shows Hannaford is looking for someone to add to this cast to do something related to the council, but it hasn’t happened quite yet.

Also new to the cast is the cabal of dark mages, the “Dark Elite”. They’re old, and powerful, and are using Mariska. We see quite a few scenes from their perspective, but they don’t really make much of impact on the overall story, I don’t feel. They’re a bad guy hiding in the wings, waiting for their time to make the most impact. Mostly, they’re here to try to gain power of the Source.

Which is.. “the strongest pool of magical energy on Earth”, the Source is new to us, with the last book. It came out of nowhere, and you knew where it was going instantly. This book is only the first that is going to deal with it. It is just about as you expect it would go. Honestly, the plot isn’t exactly why I read these books. This one is especially predictable, though.

Julius also has some new powers this time around. In something as obviously thought up last minute as it appears, we learn that all along, Julius has been mage born turned vampire. And that Benjamin, the mageborn vampire Princep from last book, knew along without telling him for some bizarre reason. But, that is okay because he is going to stick around and is going to teach Julius what he needs to know now! This was obviously added in because Hannaford decided that she needed a character to match the new powers coming into her series. This wouldn’t be such a bad thing if she actually went into developing this. Yet, it is always off in the background where we can’t see it – and then Julius just comes back and is trained within a few pages.

The end of the book was written, I think, just for Gabi to get mad at the way they had to handle something else. Though, it will also definitely have consequences on the rest of the series, too. Gabi is already upset at the way things are being handled. She is looking for ways to fix things. This is just one more thing to be upset at.

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