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Just a few months ago Gabi thought her life was damn near perfect. She could never have imagined that meeting one man would spark a chain of events that would change everything. The only resemblance to her previous life is her relentless hunt for supernatural criminals. Right now, her world has narrowed to two points of focus; co-leading the newly formed Special Investigations Department alongside Julius, her Master Vampire Consort, and searching for the traitorous Vampire Caspian and his pregnant Dark Magus cohort, Mariska. Catching up with friends and making peace with her mother are also on her agenda for the week, but life may just have other plans.

Even the most rookie supernatural investigator would figure out that things aren’t going well for the Magi of the City, but the High Council is maintaining its silence and remaining distant from the other races. The safety and security of the City’s population is falling ever more heavily on the shoulders of the fledgling Werewolf Alliance, leaving Kyle, Trish and the other Pack Alphas to handle a rising influx of demons committed to infiltrating the City and wreaking havoc.

There are many scenarios that keep Gabi from her sleep, and when one of those concerns becomes a sickening reality, it rocks her to the core. Taking one of those most dear to her is a dangerous game, one that few would play, knowing what she and Julius are capable of. The list of suspects is short and the guilty party soon shows their hand, but is this all just a ruse and what could they hope to accomplish by riling up such powerful enemies?

There is no rest for the team as, with one emergency over, they are handed a scrap of information that will ultimately lead them straight to Caspian and Mariska. But are they truly ready for the final standoff?

Who will make the ultimate sacrifice and how will the rest deal with the repercussions of an ancient prophesy that culminates in the birth of Mariska’s twin children?

This is the nail-biting conclusion to the Hellcat Series.
Buckle up boys and girls – there’s turbulence ahead.


“Mom, I’ve said this before, but I really, truly need you to listen to me. I’m sorry I’m not the daughter you wished for,” Gabi said quietly.


The last book in a series is always a special time. We have to say goodbye, but we have to do it in the right way.  Some series manage to end a series well, some don’t. This one was caught in the middle. This is one of the most open ended series endings I’ve seen. It is about the point where I’m pretty certain this isn’t the actual end to the story, just the end of an arc. I know there is going to be more to read in this story someday, if there is an audience willing to read it.

There’ll be Hell to Pay introduces something that we have been missing for a while now, and I’ve been eagerly looking forward to it: Gabi’s mom. Unfortunately, that is in the form of someone kidnapping her – by one of the “evil” vampires. This is wrapped up as quickly and easily as everything else has to date, really. This should have been an ordeal, and instead it wasn’t.

I’ve been looking forward to meeting Gabi’s mother because of her mother’s dislike of all things vampire and dangerous. We’ve known that throughout the series, but Gabi’s life is much changed from the beginning of the series. She now has a consort and husband, she is part of the vampire upper echelon. She has a job basically working for the Princeps. The biggest disappointment of the entire series was how Hannaford handled Gabi’s mom learning about all of this.

The bulk of the plot is dedicated to wrapping up the plots we had left. Namely, Julius’ (vampire) brother Caspian and the kidnapping of Mariska, the dark mage. The dark mage that is currently pregnant with twin, maybe-dhampir mage babies who are light and dark. It is incredibly interesting what actually ends up going on with this plotline, with the end of the book and the end of the series attached to them. I wasn’t expecting what happened. Kind of disappointed, but that is for personal reasons.

I’m going to miss Gabi, and I’m going to miss Julius. I look forward to looking again in a few years to see if there is a spinoff or sequel series or something for me to read. And just hope they’ll be the focus of it, because they’re the best.

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