79 points, 4 stars


Elena Gilbert is a vampire. After an accident and as a result of drinking enough vampire blood prior to her death, Elena is now coping with the loss of her life and the start of a new one. There is more trouble afoot, though. There is still a source of power in Fells Church, Virginia. 


“Right now I’m thinking that you always get your way. Because you always do, don’t you, Elena?”


We reach a book without a cliffhanger finally. The Fury could probably serve as an ending to a series. If you’re willing to let the end rest where it does in this book. Fair warning: you’re probably not going to want it to end where this book does.

This book takes a slightly different direction from the last two. At the end of The Struggle, Elena was changed into a vampire and she doesn’t remember who she is. The bulk of The Fury is focused on Elena’s coming to terms with this change and learning what it all means. There is also a large part of the plot that deals with them trying to find the Power who attacked Elena, since we realized it wasn’t Damon. There are a lot of revelations that come out.

Threaded throughout the story to date is the fighting between Stefan and Damon over the same girls. This is the place where it reaches the height of jealousy. So much of this could have been avoided had Elena told Stefan what was going on last book. I’m not even certain why she didn’t other than she had some attraction going on with Damon. This is also the height of Stefan’s self-loathing. He was always the brooding sort. Again, all could have been avoided had Elena spoke up and said something.

When Elena’s friends learn about vampires and about Elena…they aren’t really surprised. Why is no one surprised about this shit? It is creepy and weird. Then again, one of them has psychic powers and they’re able to accept that. I’m still not certain how much I like those psychic powers, I’ve gone back and forth probably ten times now. I like how they don’t solve everything and they also get them in trouble a bit. However, I also dislike how many times they misinterpret pretty much everything.

I’m not certain if this was meant to be a trilogy or not. This feels like an end to the story. The fourth book came out the year after, this, though. So it could have always been planned for four from the beginning, it could not have been. Either way, this feels like it could be an ending. Just not the ending you perhaps wanted.

I will admit that I am probably one of those weird few who actually would have loved it had this been the end.