81 points, 4 ¼ stars


Bonnie McCullough is psychic. Still reeling from the death of one of her best friends six months prior, Bonnie is now dreaming of Elena. Bonnie thinks that Elena is trying to tell her something, but when another classmate dies, she know it. Recalling Stefan from Europe, they set out to figure out who is once again causing death in Fells Church.


“Dear Diary,
Oh, it’s all too much to explain and you wouldn’t believe it anyway. I’m going to bed.


I said The Fury was different than the rest? No, Dark Reunion is different. The biggest difference is the main character isn’t even Elena! We now follow Bonnie McCullough while she figures out how her powers work more and more.

If it weren’t for the last two chapters of this book, I would consider this a really long, fantastic epilogue. The way everyone works together without Elena is great. Damon is at his absolute best (though I would say Stefan is probably at his worst, but he is grieving). As it stands though, with the end of this book, I would definitely consider this essential to reading, especially if you have plans on continuing on with the story.

Bonnie is actually a really, really good lead. I was really wary when I realized that Elena wasn’t going to be the main character. There are obvious reasons why Elena isn’t, but I got attached to her by the end of the trilogy. I almost always have issues with new leads in series. Yet, I had absolutely zero issues with Bonnie. She is scared, she is a bit meek, she isn’t the go-getter Elena is but is willing to step up when needed. But she doesn’t have to be a go-getter! She just has to be Bonnie! And Bonnie was perfect. I think I like her better than Elena, even.

This was a pretty depressing book, because every single person in it is mourning Elena in their own way. They really just haven’t gotten over her, even 6 months after her death. Then, on top of everything, another one of their friends dies in front of them. I had whiplash over this death, and didn’t realize that was what had happened at first because I wasn’t expecting it. After that, it is all trying to figure out who is trying to mess with them once again, since we had finished off Katherine in The Fury.

This was actually really fun for me to read, because the world building has expanded. It isn’t just vampires. Now there are werewolves. Werewolves with their own lore attached to them, even with how little we see of it. Old school werewolves, too, just like the vampires. Also, it isn’t just vampires, it is vampires with a new level of vampire, the Originals. We don’t really know a lot about them, but I really liked what I learned (and also realized where the TV show came from – it has been a really long time since I read these). There are also ghosts and the afterlife, and all new sorts of things. I’m really looking forward to reading on just to see what else this world has in store for me.

The end was probably exactly what every single person reading this wanted. I was happy with the end to book three. This felt a bit rushed and utterly predictable. If you’re going to read this book, it is only going to be for one reason, and you’re going to get it.