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Life’s no fun being a dragon, especially when you are forced into responsibilities that involve trying to keep the peace between an array of shifters, mages and faeries in order to bring down the scariest and deadliest foe the Otherworld has ever seen. And that’s not to mention the fact that your own soul mate hates your guts…

Mack Smith, a fiery Draco Wyr, is battling to come to terms with her emotions, her heritage and her true capabilities. All she has to do is defeat Endor, win back Corrigan and live happily ever after. From the streets of London and Russia, to the beaches of Cornwall, will she be able to ever win the day?


I really wanted to like this series. I gave the first book every excuse I could think of giving it. I wanted to give it a chance, I wanted to trust the author. I just never got the chance to love it. There were so many wasted opportunities. There was so many shortcuts used by the author.

This is the end of the story arc that was started in Blood Politics. It would probably be best to think of the two books as a pair. It ended the story, sure. But, I still have all the same problems with Bloodlust that I had with Blood Politics. The story is still driven by coincidence and lack of planning. The end is so easy by virtue of nothing else being possible because so many shortcuts were used during the rest of the series. The ending to this arc was pretty much the only way it could have ended – poor and unsatisfactory.

The characters are still super shallow and boring. For the most part, and a few mentionable exceptions, they’re just not developed. Someone mentioned that the main love interest had a sister, and Mack was so confused because she didn’t know. Well no shit, you don’t even know the man! Well, the lack of depth in the side characters has another problem. Every time one of them dies, it just feels meaningless. It has happened throughout the series, but with this being the last book and the end of a major big bad for them, it is just accentuated.

The romance is more of the same, though the love triangle is solved early on (even though it wasn’t much of a love triangle – shame). Well, maybe the triangle was just in my head, but it felt like it could be real. I hoped it would be real. There is also the very clear baby ever after that presents itself way before a quarter of the way through the book. As far as I can tell, it has been like a week since they had sex, that is a bit too soon to tell… Oh well, my bigger problem is I’m terrified that Mack is going to be a parent. That woman solves every problem with anger and running away! She can’t even take care of herself! Oh, and the fact that this relationship has no basis and all they have is an attraction and a great liking for yelling at each other and misunderstanding each other.

All of this worked up to having an ending I hated. I’m actually really angry at it. What kind of ending is that? Why would you do that? Why is that a good idea? I’m just.. why? I was just disappointed at almost every turn in the series, and the ending was the culmination of it all. I had such hopes.

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