Unseen: 23 points, 1 ¼ stars
Unspoken: 29 points, 1 ½ stars
Unmasked: 28 points, 1 ½ stars

I’m not going to do individual reviews for these at all. There is nothing special about them as a group, let alone as individuals. I’m just going to do the one review and compare it to the rest of the series to date. Before reading them, I had hoped that the ghostwritten books would at least be readable. These just really aren’t.

This is the last Vampire Diaries trilogy. I can say that with certainty because of the way it ended. There is not going to be any more after this. And thank all that is unholy on that. I don’t think I could take reading another trilogy.

The thing is, these aren’t even as bad as the last two books in The Hunters (which, btw, I still don’t know why that trilogy was called that, it doesn’t make sense at all). I just had nothing invested in them. They are very quick books, and lots of things kept happening, and I just didn’t care. There was no tension involved. Every time something horrible happened, it just didn’t matter to me. I will say I had some emotions invested in this series, but that is simply because by the time I got to the first book in this series, I had already spent 23 hours reading this world with these characters. It had absolutely nothing to do with the story the way it was written.

There was honestly nothing unique about these books at all. Bad things kept happening to the characters, and that was about all that was there to hook me. And even that wasn’t enough. I was truly bored through most of this, and the only good thing I have to say about it is that it is a really, really quick read. You basically don’t even have to read it, just skim it, because there isn’t much that you haven’t seen before.

The plot of the last book was by far the worst though. As in, “I would toss this across the room and burn it if I weren’t reading it on a tablet”. And even then I was tempted. The plot idea behind it was “All of these horrible things have been happening, I just want to be a normal girl again! I just want to be with Stefan and be happy and not have to kill anything anymore!” So what happens? They send her to the beginning to do it all over again! Seriously. It was the first book all over again, only this time with the knowledge of what comes. Give me a damn break. That is by far one of the worst plot ideas out there.

The worst part was the romance. In a series where one of the few things I liked was the romance, to have it swing around and be one of the worst of the worst is incredibly disappointing. I think that Alloy Entertainment, the publishers, received a lot of backlash over the way they dealt with Elena and Stefan and Damon in the last series. So, they decided that it wasn’t just enough to make half the readers mad, they had to make all of them mad. At the end of The Hunters, it was strictly Elena and Stefan forever. So what happens in The Salvation? They find a way to get rid of Stefan, and make it so that it is now Damon and Elena forever. They tried to play both sides of the debate by going one after the other and failed. Instead, they could have let L.J. Smith play it out with both of them. And actually gotten a readable series out of it.

The truly heinous thing is, is that is exactly why they took L.J. Smith off the project. They hated that Damon was in the picture as a romantic interest at all. I’m so angry over this. They were so mad at Smith, they fired her for the exact reason this entire trilogy exists. I’m just in awe at the nerve of them.

I don’t really have much else to say about these, other than don’t bother if you aren’t enjoying them at all. You’ll just be pissed off by the time you get to the end. I think even if you are a fan of the series up until this point, you’ll be annoyed by just the beginning. It takes place several years after the last series without any sort of warning or hint. I was so confused when I first started reading, because I was entirely uncertain if this followed the TV series (which I haven’t watched yet), the book series, or some unholy combination of the two. There was no indication that this took place years later for quite a while.

I just… Wow what a change. Thus ends the Vampire Diaries.