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“My name is Larkspur, and I am an Elemental.”

My people use the power of the earth to sustain life and defy our enemies. I should be at my father’s side as a royal princess. But as a half-breed, bastard child, that isn’t going to happen.

As an Ender, one of my father’s Elite guards, it’s my job to do as I’m told. When my older sister is sent as an ambassador to the realm of the water elementals–the Deep–I have no choice but to accompany her as her bodyguard.

With the death of the water elemental’s King, a deadly battle for the throne begins; a battle we are forced to choose sides in.

There are only a few things I know for sure. The ocean may be beautiful, but lurking in its depths are monsters to fear, the water I tread is teaming with danger and I am on my own.

With no one to help, and no one to trust, I have to find a way to keep my sister safe, and stop a civil war.

But the secrets within the Deep are far darker than any of us realized.

Welcome . . . welcome to the Deep.


“Ash had been very clear we might end up on the receiving end of some unhappy Undines.”


Breakwater is an action packed adventure in the Deep deep sea. This drops you right in the middle of the scene from the end of Recurve, and just keeps on going. Honestly, I really didn’t realise that the end of Recurve wasn’t supposed to be the end of the scene. It didn’t have the feel of a cliffhanger.

Poor Lark just doesn’t get a break. It is also made clear that Lark is probably just never going to get a break until the series is over. We are getting more and more evidence that Lark is special, that she is going to become someone super powerful, more powerful than all the other elementals. That people will fear who she is becoming. Especially after what Lark has to do at the end of the book.

The author makes it clear via the Mother Goddess that the key to Larkspur’s powers is her emotions. That she will be able to unlock her powers through rage the easiest and that other emotions will come later. I’m still left wondering why this was added, because it wasn’t really implemented much at all. In fact, Larkspur barely uses any powers knowingly.

Which, honestly brings me to the Mother Goddess herself. My god is this a capricious god. Back and forth with the emotions. She changes her mind all the time. She says things that end up being lies. Nothing stays the same. For a goddess that is supposedly trying to help the main character to succeed in saving people, she really isn’t very helpful.

The plot isn’t too special. It is all about trying to become diplomats and failing at it because the entire land is already cast into chaos as is. There can be no diplomacy when there is a crazy ruler who has made everyone say they are the King. Especially when that is thrown into doubt by the presence of a second possible ruler who isn’t insane. It is just sad that a large part of the plot hinges on miscommunication. None of the allies seem to want to talk to each other – about anything. Even something as simple as that which leads to trouble. Frustrating.

Overall, I just am a bit tired of the constant switching of sides by the characters. And the events. Nothing stays the same or stays the way it is set up. We could learn that the sky is blue and learn in 100 pages that really it is a deep, deep shade of burgundy, we were just convinced to believe that it was blue. That is the way it feels.

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