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My name is Ash, and I am an Elemental.

As an Ender, it is my place to protect the royal family at all costs. Despite being the best Ender our world has ever beheld, I have failed time and again as the personal sacrifices continue to mount.

Lark has been banished to the desert by her father who is blind to the manipulation he has again fallen prey to. To bring about justice, I must seek out and destroy the one who intentionally wields her powers to bring pain to my people.

Cassava’s death will finally free us from the dark cloud her reign of terror has surrounded us in. This is what I believe to be true and I will seek her out with only one intended outcome.

The reality, however, is much more complicated than my beliefs.

When lies turn to truths, and enemies to allies, can I still find my way back to who I once was? Uncertainty makes me hesitant, but I can not give up.

For justice. For Lark.

No matter the sacrifice.


“I’d waited my whole life to truly find the one I was meant for. There was no way I would ruin that relationship with some ridiculous fling, no matter how curvy the body was.”


The book Ash is an alternative point of view from Ash (obviously) during the time between books four and five of the series. The author herself says to read this after Rootbound though, to save yourself the spoilers. It takes place during the years without Larkspur, and what Ash tries to do to help her. What happens to him during those years.

I’m not actually certain why this is labelled as the sixth book in the series. It is completely unnecessary to read. It doesn’t add anything new that we aren’t already going to learn throughout the course of the series. It wasn’t even especially entertaining. It kind of felt like it jumped around between things I didn’t even really care about before getting to the point.

In fact, it felt like a game more than anything. A game with a really shitty lose scenario. There is a lot of talk about “pranking” people in order to get what Ash wants done, done. Then there is the fact that nothing really seemed worth what he was doing. He had no effect over his own story. It was all out of his own hands, except the decision to do something in the first place. He could have waited it out, instead he decided to try and do something and paid for it.

I’m just really not certain why I should care about anything that is happening. Once again, everything changes because nothing refuses to stay static. Whims are whimed. It feels like the entire purpose of Ash was to reveal that, once again, a character we think we have figured out isn’t as they seem. Which is something we’re just going to learn in the last book in the series anyway. Luckily this wasn’t very long.

One more book to go!

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