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The sexy, thrilling adventures continue in bestselling author Keri Arthur’s new Dark Angels series, starring half-werewolf/half-Aedh Risa Jones.
Risa will go to any lengths to avenge her mother’s murder—even if it means making a pact with the most evil vampire she’s ever met. Lethal and powerful, Madeline Hunter is leader of the vampire council, and will put her resources behind finding the killer—for a price. The venerable vampire requires the assistance of Risa’s psychic powers. Quid pro quo.

Someone—or something—is targeting the elders of the local council, cursing the immortal vampires to rapidly age, sink into madness, and die. Risa must track down the vengeful being responsible. But Risa’s father, a rogue Aedh priest, also enlists her in a dangerous mission. And not even the great Madeline Hunter may be able to protect her from the shadowy forces that desire nothing less than Risa’s destruction.


“Yes”, Azriel said, pulling his fingers from mine.
“It is obvious that you are totally okay.”
“Sarcasm does not become you, reaper.”
“And stupidity does become you.”


Wow there is a lot that happens in Darkness Rising. While it is slow at times, there is also just so many directions this can go. There is just something about this book that pulls me through it until the end. That could probably be Azriel’s amazing personality.

Her father showing up to threaten her is just so annoying. He pops in, threatens, and then leaves again. No helping her or anything. Then there are all the other factions who do the same damn thing. Madeline Hunter, the director of the Guardians, shows up to threaten Risa before giving her a job. There is the other Aedhs who show up to threaten her before taking off again. It just gets repetitive.

There is also the sidequest in Darkness Rising about Hunter sending Risa out on a detective-ing mission. Risa has to figure out why certain prominent vampires have started to rapidly age. Really, this is nothing more than a side quest. I kind of really dislike how much of the book is spent on this side quest, even. There is an end of the world doomsday scenario on the horizon, but sure lets do the vampire council’s work for them. Unfortunately, this is basically the pattern these books are going to go through.

Risa is categorically incapable of asking for help, just like the vast majority of urban fantasy leads, including Arthur’s Riley Jenson. She has the bestest, most powerfulest friends ever. She has two really powerful male love interests. Her aunt is a former Guardian, with incredibly powerful psychic powers, married to a half-Aedh vampire who again, is super powerful. Yet she wants to do everything on her own, with Azriel’s help. She doesn’t want to bother anyone. She wants to protect all those she loves. Then she takes too much on, and all it does is hurt her. Noble goal, but it is a bit frustrating at times.

Lastly, onto the love interests. Lucians an ass, make him go away now, please? I just don’t like him. Azriel, on the other hand, is the cutest thing about this series. Over the course of Darkness Rising, Azriel breaks out of his shell and becomes more and more of a character. He is super funny, and I find myself craving another breakthrough of personality. I just want more and more Risa and Azriel.

As much as I wish the book would focus on the task at hand, this was still a fun read. Once the book starts, it just goes and goes and goes. It is really easy to read all at once.

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