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In the world of the sexy and seductive Argeneau family of vampires, true love is good from the first bite to the last. Love Bites is a classic from New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Lynsay Sands, the second volume in her much beloved Argeneau series—the  story of an achingly hot three hundred year-old bachelor immortal and the beautiful coroner he chooses as his lifemate. Paranormal romance just doesn’t get any tastier


“It’s every woman’s nightmare. Waking up in a sexy man’s bed only to find he doesn’t want you? Definitely a nightmare.”


The thing I noticed the most with Love Bites was just how unformulaic it was, especially compared to later books in the series. This was just fun! It goes where it wants to go and it has fun while doing it. I love the scene where his mom walks in on him. I have laughed so hard while rereading these books so far.

Etienne Argeneau has created the very popular vampire video game, Blood Lust, and now he is working on the next one. He is also incredibly, incredibly bad with women. I actually don’t really like Etienne, unfortunately. He is constantly sabotaging Rachel’s progress in order to make her stay with him longer so he can have the girl. It really rubbed me the wrong way. Honestly, the best part about Etienne is that his family is so much better than him. And hilarious. So, so hilarious.

Rachel Garrett is a morgue doctor who is desperate to get off the night shift so she can find a boyfriend and do other social activities. She was quite put out by finding out that she is now a vampire and now has to stick to the nighttime all the time. Rachel plays at being feisty, but really she just is frustrated at everything currently going on in her life. She likes being who she is, she doesn’t want to change. She also really, really cannot lie. It is cute.

The conflict of this book centers around Etienne’s attempted murderer, Pudge, who is jealous of his being so good at making video games. I honestly cannot understand how Etienne is just so “who cares” that Pudge is trying to kill him. Like, Pudge has done some serious damage already, and threatened to expose them quite heavily. Ettiences a bit of a dumbass.

Luckily, the characters in Love Bites aren’t really how the rest of them in this series are. Etienne is just a blip. It is unfortunate, but not every male character can be Mr. Perfect.

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