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Nobody does vampire romance quite like Lynsay Sands! Tall, Dark & Hungry is the fourth book in her insanely popular Argeneau vampire series—and she brilliantly blends laughter with steamy passion in this story about a British lass who falls hard for a tasty immortal in-law she meets when she crosses the ocean to attend a cousin’s New York wedding. Paranormal romance is hot, hot, hot! And Lynsay Sands is not only one of the pioneer authors of this subgenre…she’s one of the very best!


“Have you ever seen An American Werewolf in London? Well, I’m not American. I’m not a werewolf, and this isn’t London.”


Tall, Dark and Hungry is less hilarious yet more adorable than the others so far in the series. It is a really long book on how to date your perfect partner. For the funny parts of the book, we have to turn to the side character, Vincent, who is Bastien’s cousin. He is playing Dracula in a play. It is quite amusing. The dating is absolutely adorable though.

Bastien Argeneau is the one the family depends on. He took over everything when his father descended into alcoholism. He likes it. Yet in this book he says “Fuck it, I’m going to do what I want for a bit” and does whatever he wants to do with Terri. Everyone is okay with this, though, because poor Bastien has really needed a vacation for quite some time. The Argeneau family is the absolute best. Watching Bastien shuck off his chains and just be happy in the company of another is such a freeing feeling. I feel so happy for him!

Terri Lea Simpson is grieving. Even though it has been several years since her husband died, Terri still hasn’t gotten over his death. She hasn’t lived. She has even been hiding from the world and even from herself. Tall, Dark & Hungry for Terri is really about her coming out of her shell. Learning how to live again. Learning how to love again. And she couldn’t have picked a better guy. I just hated the miscommunication between the two at the end! Bastien, Terri, you’re better than this! Grr.

The conflict of this book, no lie, was the wedding. This wedding was just not meant to be. Everything that could go wrong, did. Everything. Including a toilet falling through the ceiling and landing on a poor dude. After the third catastrophe, I would have just called it and ran off to Vegas to elope. I cannot believe the amount of problems that arose! It was like watching a slow moving train wreck, you just couldn’t look away.

Tall, Dark and Hungry is a book you need to read with a bowl of popcorn beside you. It is another adorable, funny, incredibly entertaining paranormal romance read from the lovely Lynsay Sands.

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