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BOOK #3 IN THE SARAH DEARLY SERIES! Newlywed vampires Sarah and Thierry have their whole undead lives ahead of them. And with Thierry’s job as a consultant for the vampire council sending them across the world to solve one vampire crisis after another, eternity never has a dull moment.

An invitation to a mysterious auction in Beverly Hills puts their honeymoon plans on hold. Thierry hopes to be the highest bidder on a powerful amulet containing a wish-granting djinn that has eluded him for centuries. When the auction’s mysterious host reveals his unpleasant history with Thierry, and Sarah discovers a talking head in the freezer asking her for help, things get even stranger than usual. When the amulet goes missing, and everyone is suddenly trapped inside the mansion, the undead guests find themselves in mortal danger… Sarah had better be careful what she wishes for!


“I’m surprised your husband has left your side. If you were with me I wouldn’t let you out of my sight for fear that another man might sweep in and steal you.”


At every step of the book, From Fear to Eternity reminded me of oh so many other ones I have read. This draws inspiration from countless others before it. I’ve gotten hints of that before throughout the other series. I could see the Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Anita Blake, Vampire Executioner influences. I could see a few other series I’m sure the author read at some point. Nothing prior to this had this level of familiarity, though.

From Fear to Eternity has a very simple premise. They’re locked in a house with a killer on the loose and an even bigger danger to come if they don’t find an amulet. If they do not find it by sunrise, everyone will die. This is nothing new. You have probably seen this exact story a hundred times before. The book isn’t even really different within the series. The only thing that is different is that Sarah is mostly alone this time around. Oh wait, no it isn’t. This happens every book!

It has been four years since this book has been released, and I’m confident that it is unlikely we’ll get more in this series. This didn’t actually feel like the end to the series, but it isn’t not an end. I didn’t actually expect anything specific about these books other than some mysteries until she ran out of idea or people stopped buying. For an ending, this works just as well as anything else.

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