There is something that I love about crying to a good series. I love it so much that when I find a good series that kills me, I’ll go back to it again and again. And I cry so, so easy. SO easy. It can take me a half dozen rereads, or more, before I lose my ability to cry to an event in a book if it is really, really good. If I’m lucky and don’t read it for a few years, I can cry again, too!

If I had any series that were actually happy in their legacy, I’d make a post of it. But I don’t because I only read depressing shit. If you’re anything like me, you’re always on the lookout for a good cry.

Linda Poitevin’s Grigori Legacy

Grigori Legacy took my soul out of my body and shredded it over the course of four books, and didn’t even give me the satisfaction of returning it. It subverted every single one of my expectations in the worst possible way. Worst way for the main character, that is. This series has stuck with me since I read it for just how cruel it is. My two regrets are how hard this series can be to find and how long it took for me to finally get to this.

I’ll be rereading it in January.

Mira Grant’s Newsflesh

I never expected Newsflesh to kill me the way it did. I spent so many hours crying. I thought I would never be able to stop. I was expecting something fun and interesting. I didn’t expect my home to be taken away from me. I didn’t expect to leave who I was behind and come back a new person.

That wasn’t even the most devastating part of Newsflesh. The absolutely most devastating part was the novella The Day the Dead Came to Show and Tell. If I cried, I don’t remember it. All I remember is this deep rooted terror at what was going on, how awful everything was. How I just wanted it to end so the pain would stop. I will never, ever reread this novella because I cannot allow myself to go through that again.

Sally Green’s Half Bad trilogy

Half Bad is cheating a little bit, because I had previously read the first two books of the series before. That doesn’t take away at all from how horrifying the events inside are. How awful it is the main character, Nathan, is treated as less than human, and how we have to experience everything with him. How sad it is that he is willing to love absolutely anyone that gives him even the slightest bit of kindness. I expected this. I did not expect the end. I did not expect to become absolutely crushed by what unfolded. I also did not expect to understand why Nathan does what he does.