92 points/100 (4 ¾ stars/5)

Vicki Nelson and Henry Fitzroy travel to a family farm to investigate who is killing members of a family. A family of werewolves. They cannot go to the police, because they do not want anyone to know what they are. And, the only real suspects are people close to the family.


Seriously, this was so cute. I love this family of werewolves. They aren’t human, they’ve never been human. They don’t exactly act human, though they can fake it for a bit. They act like wolves who can be human. It is just so cute. The supernatural creature is not the bad guy in Blood Trail. The supernatural creature is the the cute thing you have to protect. I love it.

Once again, it is more about the people than it is about the story. It is about what a human will do when they find out about the supernatural. It explores the human conditions: religion, brotherhood, friends, and duty. It explores what a family would do to preserve the life of someone they love, while also trying to preserve their way of life. It also shows what someone feels when they have to stand with your family, even if it goes against what you believe in.

Blood Trail also has some of the most “real” characters I’ve read in some time. It isn’t just Vicki and Henry that feel real. No, the entire family of werewolves do, as well as their friends and neighbors. Every single side character feels like they have their own personality, their own backstory. This is for characters we will never see again in the series. The center isn’t on the main characters, and the reader is left to fill in the blanks. I love the people in this book the mostest.

Vicki continues to be awesome, and she is starting to explore the limits of her visual disability. Henry and Mike got on my nerves though. Oh my god the male jealousy, more on Mike’s side than on Henry’s. Henry is mostly okay with sharing, Mike just keeps poking and poking at Vicki’s relationship with Henry. It is super stressful, and I feel a bit sorry for Vicki over it all. It must also be said that Vicki slips into the supernatural life incredibly easy, like she is made for this type of life. I do enjoy this. The way she straddles the line between normal and supernatural, Henry and Mike do make for an enjoyable book.

The story itself wasn’t anything I haven’t seen before. Again, that isn’t the fault of the author, just the fact that I have read a lot of this genre and this came first. I enjoyed the writing more, though. It skips around a lot less. There are still multiple perspectives and time periods, but it is much easier to follow and get into. This is just a better book than Blood Price.

Definitely looking forward to seeing again just where this story takes me.