76 points/100 (4 stars/5)

Something has been trapped in a sarcophagus for centuries upon centuries. The sarcophagus has been opened again, and the thing inside has been released, free to feed on the life energy of humans once again. 

Blood Lines has an absolutely terrifying atmosphere. You know the main characters are going to be safe – it is a book, they’re always safe. Yet, outside of that, you don’t know what is going to happen the entire time. It is frightening, because the monster is nothing they’ve ever even dreamed of before. They don’t know how to make the deaths stop. They are afraid.

The absolute best thing about Blood Lines is the mythologies Tanya Huff pulls from to make it. Do you know how many urban fantasy books I can think of that use a mummy as a supernatural creature? Two! This and an Iron Druid Chronicles novella. And, that novella has that mummy for all of two seconds. Plus, the mummy idea is fully explored in Blood Lines. It isn’t just dumped on us to figure out how it fits into the world we already have seen for ourselves. Also, also there really isn’t even all that much information for them to find about mummies, because they hadn’t even been seen in the world for millennia. I love this book! This is just so well done.

In the first two books of this series, the human aspects of the story have centered mostly on the side characters. This time, it is personal. Vicki goes through a lot of hell throughout the duration of this book. She is trying to find where she fits in. Henry goes through a lot of personal anguish as well, and I like how it contrasts against Vicki’s. The relationship drama that surrounded most of what I disliked about the previous book has cooled down. Henry and Mike are learning to work with each other, mostly because Vicki isn’t putting up with their nonsense anymore.

This was such a great read. It features a creature no one has seen and can find no information on. It is a battle they don’t think they can win. And it is very scary.