86 points/100 (4 ½ stars/5)

Vicki Nelson’s mother has died. Vicki goes to Kingston to make the arrangements. Her mother’s body goes missing, and Vicki is determined to find it again. There are weird things going on in Kingston. Scientists are investigating the secret to life after death.

Blood Pact was a really, really creepy, emotional book to read. This series has already been pretty scary, and the mummy book was pretty creepy. However, Blood Pact manages to make it even more creepy, even more scary. This time, it is emotional for Vicki. It is also personal. Very, very personal.

Blood Pact was the original end to this series. The next book came out four years after this did, and has an entirely different feel and direction to it. As an end, it is good. It does sort of leave you you wanting more, which is probably why the fifth book exists. It is definitely a good endpoint, though. I think it works for that function actually better than the next book does.

There is something inherently evil about mad scientists. Perhaps it is the fact that they’re so certain that their end goal is right and good and proper that they’re willing to do anything at all to get to that end goal. Including what happens in Blood Pact. Even their end goal is pretty damn creepy, but what they do to get there is just evil.

Since this book is so heavily dependent on what the mad scientists are doing, we spend a lot of time in the villain’s head. This isn’t the first time this has happened in this series. However, it is the most comprehensive. As much as I hate the villain, as much as I don’t love perspective shifts into the bad guy’s head…I really liked the inclusion in Blood Pact. It made everything feel so much more creepy, knowing what they have planned, what they’re doing, while Vicki is fighting an entirely different fight.

Vicki is fighting the fight of grief. Her mother died, and throughout the book Vicki, and us through her, go through the entire array of emotions involving this. It is a very emotional story. It is very human. It is very a painful ordeal to go through, and it makes this book the hardest to read. But also in some ways, it is the best, because of how personal it feels. If you have lost your mother or anyone close to you, this will probably even hit you even harder. It feels very, very real.

The worst thing about Blood Pact is the relationships. From one of the best love triangles to the worst, in the span of 3-4 books. Outstanding. Henry and Mike have become so jealous of each other, it comes down to nearly fighting in the street between the two. Mostly on the part of Mike. All while they’re trying to comfort Vicki and make things easier for her. Spoiler: it doesn’t make things easier on her. It is just sooo frustrating. And aggravating. I just want my good, refreshing love triangle back.

I really liked Blood Pact, either as an ending or as just a continuation of a series. But I’m also looking forward to relearning where the next book takes me. A lot of things change throughout the book. Even more stay the same. I like it, but I want to see more.