72 points/100 (3 ¾ stars/5)

Vicki Nelson has been changed into a vampire after an accident. Typically, vampires can’t share territory, but Henry Fitzroy has a problem and he needs Vicki’s help. Every evening when he wakes up, a ghost screams at him. He calls in Vicki to find who these ghosts are and why they are haunting him.

I liked it, but I didn’t love it. I liked that we got to see Vicki as a vampire. I liked that it was an urban myth and not a supernatural one. Yet, it didn’t feel like an end, at least not as much of an end Blood Pact was. Though, I suppose with a series such as this there really isn’t an end, just a place where the story stops becoming interesting. By the end of Blood Debt, the characters are in a happy, stable place, so I suppose this is as good an ending as any.

With Vicki’s transition into vampire at the end of Blood Pact, the story has changed because Vicki has changed. Much of Blood Debt was actually about Vicki’s territoriality and how she has to fight her instincts to even be around Henry. These two are no longer a couple, however much they may still want to be. They aren’t the same people. Yet, it was still incredibly interesting to see this side of things.

The best thing about Blood Debt is the story. It is an urban myth, not a supernatural one. It is something that never, ever happens in real life. There are too many protections in place. It is a story of organ harvesting, of all the things Tanya Huff could have written about. While this can never happen, in a way, this is more scary story than all the other book previously because it is actually possible. I have some minor problems with the way things play out, but overall I really enjoyed this story.

Unlike the previous book, Blood Debt doesn’t have much time with the villain at all. Mostly, we see how the characters are getting on with their lives. It is mostly Vicki, adjusting to her new life as a vampire, Mike, adjusting to Vicki being a vampire, and Henry, who has lost something he admired.

There is also a lot of Tony. He isn’t a new character, he has been around since the beginning I just haven’t really talked about him. Over the course of the series, we have basically seen him grow up. He has gone from a teenager on the streets, doing what he can just to survive, to being an adult ready to take charge of his own life. I always really liked him as a character, he just never really got much air time prior to now. This also serves as a really good setup to the his own spinoff, which actually came out 8 years after this book did.

I enjoyed the book. As an ending, it lacked somewhat. However, it also wasn’t an ending. Blood Pact is catching up with characters we have known and loved. And I loved being able to catch up with them after their lives have changed so radically.