58 points, 3 stars


There is an uneasy alliance between one group of fae and one group of humans and witches. The rest of the fae are still content to believe that it is not their problem. The humans still desire to believe everyone nonhuman evil. War is nipping on their heels. Then a new Goddess of the Hunt emerges, and gives the fae an ultimatum. Help, or leave forever. 


“And they might be the only family I have left. Please, Great Mother, please don’t let them be all that is left of the family.”


I can honestly say I did not love this book. The House of Gaian just continued what we had learned in The Pillars of the World and Shadows of Light. It also continued my inability to actually want to read this story. I have just struggled through this entire series, and now it is over. It wasn’t bad, by any means. It just never made me want to read it.

After we had an entire book of buildup with nothing to show for it in Shadows and Light, The House of Gaian did a lot of the same. This was just build, build, build. And there really wasn’t much to show for it at the end. The tension was just so high this entire series. It felt like it was strangling me. Bad things kept happening, and nothing was getting done. At least this is the end, which is more than I can say for the previous book.

I think the thing I’m most upset about is that all the action scenes seem to have been cut out. After all this buildup, after all this time, after all this pain, we didn’t see anything. After every single person wanting to do something to help…. We don’t actually see any of it. We see the lead up, and then it seems to cut away and then we see the aftermath. We see the cleanup. I don’t like it. There is a big battle, and I don’t have closure. As a reader, I’m a participant, too! I want to do something, I want to see them get helped! Yet I feel like I was robbed of this. I feel like I was the woman being told to stay out of the way, because I’m too soft to fight. I hate it.

Overall, I felt this was a barely adequate end. Everything locked into place in the end. The characters were all happy. The world was starting to pick up the pieces that broke. Yet I’m just completely disappointed in it. I would have preferred this story had it stayed a standalone, and not a trilogy.

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