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I have reached my breaking point. And now I will not, cannot be stopped. With the Soul Eater on the verge of god status, it’s time for me to take a final stand, even if it means losing everything I love. Even if it means losing my life.

I’ve got plenty of power on my side, and some I didn’t know I could count on in the first place. But it’s nothing compared to the army of the undead the Soul Eater is building up. And time is running out.

They say that good always triumphs over evil. I hope that’s true. Because the odds aren’t in our favor, and the fate of the world is in our hands.


“No one’s place in this world is guaranteed. Not everyone is going to get a happy ending. But life isn’t about how it ends. It’s about the moments between.”


Overall, I am not particularly fond of the end to this series. In fact there are a few parts to this ending I outright dislike. All Souls’ Night is a lot of buildup after two previous books worth of buildup, all for a bunch of horrible things to happen in the end. It was also super emotional in the beginning, before we reached a point where everything just leveled off and I felt like I was just waiting for the end to happen.

In a lot of ways, the end really just felt too easy, as well. All this planning, all these loopholes and sidesteps and drawing things out. And then it just ends. Just like that. I just really don’t believe Armintrout knew how to end this series. I feel like she wrote a standalone, and the author pushed her to make it into a series because that would be the only way they would publish it. So she had to come up with something, and then drew out the story further and further….and just didn’t really know how to end it. She had a general idea of the way she wanted things to go, but the execution fell flat.

There are certain special series, where I genuinely hope the main characters have a happy life together at the end. They have done their bits, they have lived their hell, and now it is time to rest.

This was not one of those stories.

I fucking despised Carrie and Nathan. These two are absolutely horrible people. They have fucked each other over again and again and again throughout the course of this entire series. They are both incredibly selfish people, trying to bend the other to their will. They have nothing in common except the flimsy circumstances that have brought the together. They really don’t even seem to like each other.

There is a fight in the beginning of this book that I really feel really shows the contempt these two have for each other. It is long, but it is worth reading.

Nathan: My son is alive. And I’m going to go get him.
Carrie: Don’t be stupid! Nathan, how much time has gone by? Why didn’t he contact you before now? You know that if you go to him, you’re going to end up dead. You’re not thinking!
Nathan: No, I’m not thinking about you! You’re pissed off because for a moment, my focus isn’t on you. I’ve been Carrie-centric nonstop since the first night we met! How much longer do you expect me to hang on to you while you punish me?
Carrie: Punish you? Why am I punishing you?
Nathan: I don’t know! But ever since you came to Chicago with Max you’ve done nothing but punish me. I’m sorry, okay? Does that end this asinine vendetta you’ve had against me? I’m sorry that I couldn’t love you at first sight and give up my memories of my wife and give up my love for my son. I’m sorry I couldn’t get myself together for you on your time!
Carrie: That’s not what this is about! What have I done to you?
Nathan: You slept with Cyrus! I’m not an idiot, and I can read your mind. You slept with Cyrus while I was possessed, then you left for Chicago because you thought we needed time apart. And when I came back, ready to tell you that, yes, I love you and I want to be with you, you ran off and you fucking sired him!
Carrie: I didn’t have a choice!
Nathan: You did it because you wanted to. You get so lost and so desperate when the focus of someone else’s life shifts from you, and you’ll do anything to get it back. If you’re constantly pulling me in two directions, begging me to be with you, pushing me away, then you’ve got your captive audience. Now, I’ve helped you when no one else could. I helped you through your change. I helped you when you turned your back on e to go to Cyrus, and it cost me my son. I even helped you mourn his murderer. I’ve never asked for anything in return from you, but I’m damned sure you wouldn’t give it, even if I did. So I’m taking. I’m taking my focus off of you, to go and get my son and bring him here where he will be safe, with me. You can be as jealous as you want. You can hate me. But I’m not giving you anything else.

That above is the fight to end all fights. That is a fight relationships die in a fiery hellscape during. This is a fight that makes both parties realise they hate the other. This book’s ending was so bad because this relationship didn’t implode in a pile of realisations. This is not a story where we get a happily ever after, but that is the kind of ending we got anyway.

So I’m upset. And that fight is amazing.

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