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Love hurts, and no one knows it better than Georgina Kincaid. If she so much as kisses Seth Mortensen, the shy, sexy writer she’s been dating, she’ll drain his life force. Admittedly, the shapeshifting and immortality perks of a succubus are terrific, but it’s completely unfair that a she-demon whose purpose is seduction can’t get down with the one mortal who accepts her for who she is. . .

It’s not just her personal life that’s in chaos. Doug, Georgina’s co-worker at a local bookstore, has been exhibiting bizarre behavior, and Georgina suspects something far more demonic than double espressos. She could use an assist from Bastien, an irresistibly charming incubus and her best immortal friend, but he’s giving Georgina some highly distracting come-hither vibes. Georgina is going to have to work solo on this one-and fast, because soon, Doug’s life won’t be the only one on the line. . .


That’s what humanity is: a series of successes and failures, a testing of one’s own nature and aptitude. Neither the body nor the soul can sustain such a state. Eventually it consumes a person


A lot of things changed for Georgina at the end of Succubus Blues. She now has a boyfriend and her position in her world has changed. She no longer is acting like the peon she actually is. She has gained some level of power in her world, if only because they let her. It makes for an okay series, because Georgina, despite being about 2000 years old (I don’t remember her exact age), has to relearn her place in her own world yet again. Makes it interesting, because it feels like we aren’t coming in at the end of her story anymore.

I also really liked the actual story. Well, most of the story. I didn’t really enjoy reading about Doug’s drug problems too much. Lots of time were spent trying to figure out what he was on and who was supplying him. No, the part I really liked was the extended pantheon. It isn’t just Christianity’s angels vs. demons, heaven vs. hell. No, a lot more was introduced indeed. I still don’t understand why Georgina has to be one to investigate things, of all people, but this is the way the series is structured so I just kind of have to accept it.

The secondary story is just as good. It is also hilarious. Does it count that I “called” the end to that plot thread before the end if I have read this before, despite how little I remember about the series? Seriously, Georgina and her old friend Bastien trying to seduce the radio host was hilarious. Everything goes wrong. Bastien starts freaking out because he needs this to work out, or he is dogmeat. It is all very comical.

The relationships Georgina has with her friends is one of the best things about this series though. Her friends are so fun and varied. The fact that she is friends with an angel, in addition to all the demons also makes everything very fun. It keeps it interesting. I also have so much fun watching her interact with the people she cares for, throughout the whole book. I read for the characters, and the side characters really help this series.

Georgina herself, though? I still have issues with the personality that happens to be named Georgina. Especially in regards to her relationship with Seth. They’re super cute together, I love her fangirling over him even if they are going out. It is hilarious. However, the massive amounts of insecurity on on Georgina’s part is annoying. She is deliberately trying to sabotage what she has with Seth because she doesn’t feel herself worthy of him. It is already getting old, and this is only the second book in the series.

I really liked reading this though. I had a blast and breezed right through it. Definitely looking forward to reading the rest of the series still. If only Georgina could actually grow up, that would be nice.

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