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Some days, a girl just can’t catch a break. . .

First, Georgina Kincaid, a shape-shifting succubus who gets her energy from seducing men, can’t have sex with her gorgeous bestselling author boyfriend Seth Mortensen–in case she inadvertently kills him. Second, Georgina’s under demonic orders to mentor the new (and surprisingly inept) succubus on the block. Third, someone’s manipulating her dreams, draining her energy and supplying eerie visions of her future. Georgina seeks answers from Dante, a dream interpreter with ties to the underworld, but his flirtatious charm only leaves her more confused–especially as the situation with Seth reaches a crisis point. Georgina needs to rein in her out-of-control love life and go toe-to-toe with an enemy capable of wreaking serious havoc among mankind. Otherwise, Georgina, and the entire mortal world, may never sleep easy again. . .


“What kind of sick bastard burns down a Christmas tree?”
“Was it you?”
“No,” said the imp. “It was Carter.”
“Your Christmas tree was burned down by an angel?”
“Yup. The irony isn’t lost on me”


Oof, ow. That ending. What pain I’m in. That is one way to end a book, I guess. Before that hurtful ending, Succubus Dreams was a fun, lighthearted book. Well, except for most of the things in this book. Perhaps this wasn’t as lighthearted as I thought it was. It was still a good read, though. I enjoyed it, and once again it expanded the world in ways I loved.

The main thread of Succubus Dreams is that Georgina is dreaming. It is good, it is happy. It shows her what may be her greatest wish. Is it prophetic? Is it someone messing with her? She doesn’t know. All she knows is that when she wakes up after having the dream, she is drained of all the energy she had just gathered from some poor guy the day before. The threads of hope, desperation and fear in Georgina when it comes to these dreams are just outstanding.

There is also a secondary plot thread where there are a bunch of angels always hanging out in Georgina’s house. And it is Christmastime. This whole subplot is just an absolute delight. Some of the angels like Georgina, some of the angels hate her. What you really need to know is that her angel friend Carter burned Georgina’s Christmas tree last year, and now Georgina doesn’t want to get another one. So everyone buys one for her and she ends up with a Christmas tree forest. All because an angel burned her tree down. Hahaha

There is another funny but serious thread in Succubus Dreams, where Georgina is being forced to mentor a newbie succubus, Tawnie. Tawnie is the most incompetent succubus ever. The things that this newbie can’t, or won’t, do are amazing and hilarious. And the way Georgina acts with her is great, too. The serious part is the fact that the imp in charge of Tawnie was the one who brokered Georgina’s deal, so she absolutely hates him and resents his presence at all.

The hardest part of Succubus Dreams to read was the fact that Georgina and Seth’s relationship is not going well. They are constantly fighting. There is so much miscommunication it is astounding. They aren’t at all on the same page with where they want to go. They were cute together in the last book, they’re infuriating together here. It isn’t fun watching a relationship implode before your eyes.

Very funny book, I enjoyed reading it a lot. These books are just so fun and so quick, they make reading fun. It also means me having to write a bunch of reviews at once because they’re so easy to move on to the next one instead of actually sticking around to write the review.

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