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When the dead call, she answers.

Bounty hunting is a helluva job, but it pays the bills. And it lets Necromance Dante Valentine forget her issues—like struggling with her half-demon side and the memory of her lover’s death.

Now psychics all over the city are being savagely murdered—and a piece of the past Dante thought she’d buried is stalking the night with a vengeance. Too bad she’s got no way to tell which fiend–or friend–to trust. Or that her most horrifying nightmares are gathering to take one kick-ass bounty hunter down for the count.

But that’s only the beginning. The Devil just called. He’s looking for Dante’s lover–the one he killed…


“Fury is the best fuel of all. It is so clean, so marvelous, so ruthless. Eye for eye, tooth for tooth, rage against evil is better than sorrow. Sorrow can’t balance the scales.”


Gods, I feel dead. I just hurt inside, all over the place. This was just so good, so well done. And it was so, so, so painful. It was painful every step of the way. Dante is hurting so much, and it just transfers directly onto me. Even more painful than her grief was her hope. Yet, even on top of all of that, Dead Man Rising was also incredibly stressful. I was shaking basically the entire time I read this, as I went through what Dante was going through. There is basically nothing happy and nothing easy about this book. Just remembering the events of the book as I write this review, several weeks after I read it, is causing me to get stressed out.

Japhrimel’s death has consumed Dante. It has been ten months, and they only knew each other a few weeks, if that. Any other couple, and Dante would have started to heal already. These two are different, though. They share a bond, a soul deep bond, that Dante doesn’t know the first thing about. It keeps driving her under. The connection is still there, still reminding her of everything, and making it impossible for Dante to forget. So, she has decided that because Japhrimel isn’t alive anymore, she doesn’t really want to be either, so she and her ex-boyfriend, Jace, have been taking the riskiest jobs they could. It isn’t really a conscious decision, the decision that she doesn’t want to be alive, but she knows what she is doing.

On top of all this grief, Dante also has to deal with her past. Dante has never really dealt with her past before. She just kind of pushed it to the side, like she is so good at doing, and tried to forget about it. It wasn’t a happy past. It is filled with old hurts. It is filled with death and torture. It is filled with neglect when care was needed, and too much bad attention when no one would want that kind of attention. It has been eating her alive her entire life. Just having to confront this after she had mostly put it behind her would be enough to break a person.

Dante isn’t just confronted with her past mentally, but physically as well. She has to investigate who, or what, is killing people connected to her old school. A boarding school filled with so many horrors, it was shut down when they were found out. These deaths aren’t pretty, either. Everything about this is just one horror-filled thing after another. It is beautifully well done. And something has already attacked her in connection to the case.

The way the story unfolds is just perfect, as well. I was drawn in and just didn’t want to stop. It wasn’t just the pain that kept me there, though that was a large part of it. Little things just kept coming up in the story that just drew me in more. Dante interviewing former classmates, who have the same reactions as her: terrified, pain-filled, and broken. Lucifer stopping by to poke at her connection to Japhrimel, releasing hope in Dante that he might not be gone. Dante digging up her “coffin” of all her old school things.

Everything was just put together so well. Even if I don’t like Dante as a person, I love her as a character. The story just makes me want to continue onwards. This has almost everything I want in a story. I couldn’t be happier to reread this.

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