84 points, 4 ¼ stars

Self Blurb:

Sumi’s daughter Rini has come to collect her from school, only she doesn’t know Sumi is dead. This is a problem, because Sumi has to exist so Rini can be born! So it is time for Rini to go on a quest to save herself and her world, and get Sumi back.


“That’s why people shouldn’t get too hung up on labels. Sometimes I think that’s part of what we do wrong. We try to make things make sense, even when they’re never going to.”


Beneath the Sugar Sky is heavily reliant on the events of Every Heart a Doorway. While Down Among the Sticks and Bone can serve as a standalone, I think this should definitely be read after Every Heart a Doorway. It may not necessarily be completely necessary, but I think you would lose a lot if you don’t.

This novella also has the entire cast of characters this time around. While the first focused on Nancy, and the second focused on Jack and Jill, we have a little bit of everyone, including a few new and not-so-new characters. We’re back at the school, so we get to see a wide array of characters yet again, and see all their stories.

I liked Rini as much as I couldn’t understand her at all. I liked her story. I liked how much she added to the story with her absolute and utter weirdness. I liked a lot of the other side characters, as well. I liked how they described themselves and their homes. The best thing about the Wayward Children series is seeing up all the homes Seanan can come up with. I didn’t particularly like one of the characters, though. They just had the same thing on repeat and it wasn’t fun to read.

Sumi’s daughter has come to figure out where she is, because Rini is slowly disappearing. It is weird that Sumi hasn’t come back to her, yet. I..frankly don’t understand how this is happening. It is for those better than myself to make sense of. I’m just here for the ride. Because it is weird. Unfortunately (fortunately?), Rini doesn’t take it well to learn her mother is dead. I don’t take it well that Rini is still alive while Sumi is dead, myself. Also, don’t take it well that they’re trying to bring her back. Weeeeird.

Only one question remains: Why does the sign in front of Miss Eleanor’s say “No Quests” when everyone goes off on a quest at the first hint of one? Are there no repercussions to their actions!