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Years ago, boundary witch Allison “Lex” Luther made a promise to an alpha werewolf. Now, just when the supernatural community in Colorado is enjoying a period of hard-won peace, the alpha turns up at Lex’s door to call in his marker. Two of his pack members have disappeared in the Colorado sand dunes, and he needs safe passage to hunt for them.

With her friend Simon Pellar along for backup, Lex ventures into the dunes to search for the missing couple…but what they find is only the opening move in an ambitious assault against those who hold power in the Colorado Old World. An old enemy has returned to tear their peace apart, and Lex is soon embroiled in politics she doesn’t understand, from a time before she had magic.

To save her friends and her way of life, Lex will have to cross every line she’s drawn since learning what she is—and it may still be too late.

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“I understood him. He and I would probably never be friends, but all that mattered was that I could work with him.”


Wow, Boundary Broken was a great installment to this series. I’ve always liked Lex and her boyfriend, Quinn. I’ve always liked her better than Scarlett, and now I get to see her again. I like what Lex gets up to, I love how Quinn helps and supports her. Also I really like Lex’s powers.

It has been a while since I read these books, nearly a year now, so I had forgotten a bit about the story. I’m actually surprised that Melissa F. Olson decided to continue on under this series name than make a new one, like she did for Scarlett. Luckily, this managed to remind me of everything I had forgotten over the course of the last year easily enough. It did a good job of it, even. However, I think new readers would be a little lost. This story takes place three years after the previous book’s events, so there is quite a jump. However, a lot of references to prior events were brought up, but weren’t really explained.

Actually, a lot of Boundary Broken is treading old ground. There are old allies that we team up with against old enemies who are playing off of the same playbooks as before. It is quite a repeat. The only reason I wasn’t lost was because I had read the previous books before. If you haven’t read them, and are looking to maybe jump in here, it would be a mistake. Yet for continuing readers, this new start to the series is great. It sets up the direction this series is going to take from now on very well. I’m looking forward to reading the rest in a way I wasn’t before I read this.

Boundary Broken is fun because the characters are fun and the story is well laid out. It isn’t just Lex and Quinn I enjoy, it is all of their friends and their Boss and Lex’s family. They are all great people I enjoy having around. The prejudice the Old World has against each other, where every group hates and distrusts the other groups? That grew really old by the end of the book. I’m afraid there might be more of that throughout the rest of this arc of the series.

Overall, though, I really enjoyed reading this. I’m definitely looking forward to reading more in this series.

I received a copy of this book from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. Thank you to Melissa F. Olson, 47North, and Netgalley for providing this copy for review!

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