87 points, 4 ½ stars

Charley Davidson is a PI and the Grim Reaper. Her best friend, Cookie, has dragged her into looking for a missing woman with a dark past. Reyes Farrow has also left his body and is haunting Charley because demons want her. Charley is determined to help Reyes Farrow get back to his body, avoid the demons, and save Reyes, all while searching for a missing woman with a surprisingly dark past.

Much like the first book, Second Grave on the Left is a fun, light and easy read that doesn’t take any time at all to read through because you’re just having so much fun. Yet it is more than that. There is danger and love and enemies. There is fighting against the most stubborn man in the world. There is Charley’s dad being a jerk. The juxtaposition between the very fun, light stuff and the heavier aspects of the story is very well done. It makes the story even better than it would be without the darker elements. One moment I can be aghast or fustrated, and the next I can be laughing my heart out. It is great.

The majority of the book, I would say, is spent on the investigation looking into Cookie’s friend who is missing. I really like this story, because of how it ends and how it leads up to how it ends. The first time I read this series years ago, I was not expecting it to play out like it does. It is a great bit of weirdness to read, and I adored this investigation. It is one of my favourite major investigations in the entire series.

A large portion of the story was also taken up with Reyes Alexander Farrow, who has left his body and escaped jail. Reyes is willing himself to die, for the good of Charley. Charley, of course, is determined to make it so he doesn’t die. Because she wants him. She wants him bad. She ignores common sense and danger to make sure he will survive. This also serves to add the demons to the storyline. It adds what Charley and Reyes both are, changed them into something even more than they were in the previous book. And we’re just scratching the surface – there is still so much more to learn.

I love Charley, because she is fun. But I also love Reyes, because he isn’t. They complement each other very well. The Son of Satan knows way more about everything than is happening than he will tell Charley. Yet, he is utterly devoted to her. Which is why he keeps things from her. Reyes looks at Charley to be his light in the world, to make him better than he is even if he doesn’t believe that he can be better. I love what they have. I need more of it.

I’m so glad I chose to reread this series before the last book in the series came out. I’m having so much fun.