91 points, 4 ¾ stars


A beekeeper is chosen as second in all the demesne during a time of complete upheaval. Along with the new Master, who is called to fire and no longer fully human, Marisol has to keep the Willowlands together.


“But when she remembered that day at Faine’s farm, she didn’t remember that she had succeeded. She remembered that she had had no idea what she was doing, and no idea why it worked.”


I read this with Para over at To Other Worlds.

I adored this book. I had so much fun reading it. I honestly couldn’t put it down after I got past the troublesome beginning. It was just so so cute and light. It is perfect if you are looking for something that doesn’t have really high stakes. There is some “oh no if that happens it’ll be terrible!” but you always know everything is going to come out okay.

Chalice takes a very storytelling approach to the story. Especially in the beginning. It was actually really hard to get into the book. The third paragraph alone I had to read a few times to get all the “Master”s straight. Eventually I started wanting to yell at the book to just give me some dialogue, any dialogue.

The book did come into itself though. It took longer than I would have liked, but it was worth the wait. The story was super short, and I definitely wanted more of it. But I loved the story. I didn’t want to set it down, I wanted to just keep reading. I loved the characters. I loved Marisol, and her self-doubts about the job she is doing when thrown into a near impossible situation. She doesn’t think she is doing a good job because things keep going wrong, but things are getting better! And I loved the new Master, as he struggles to become human again. I love his struggles so much.

Also the bees. I love the bees. They’re so ridiculously overpowered it is hilarious. But I love them. I welcome my new bee overlords!

I was disappointed in the end, but mostly because it didn’t end the way I wanted it to. I had some really big hopes. I wouldn’t say it is a bad ending, just not the one I was hoping for. It changed something really major that I didn’t want to change. I rarely look at fanfiction, but I actually looked for this, for the ending I wanted. Unfortunately I didn’t find it.

Really though, I super recommend this if you’re looking for something light and fluffy.