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I’m Jaz Parks. CIA assassin. Black belt. Belly dancer at the Corpus Christi Winter Festival. The last is cover for my latest mission: retrieve a vital piece of biotechnology by killing the maniac who stole it. He’s Chien-Lung, an obsessive vamp who’s invulnerable while wearing his armor – which is constantly.

Then there are the reavers, ancient fiends who murder innocents and eat their souls. Only I can sense them. So it’s not long before they’ll want me dead, dead, dead.


Mopeds? Those are the wheels Pete gives us? I knew he was pissed off at me! It was all that time I spent in the hospital wasn’t it? Or was it the wrecks? But I only tore up one car last time!


Oh my god this is so much fun to read! There is so much action, so many events that come about! And it is so, so funny! So funny! Oh my god Cole makes me laugh so damn hard. I’m so excited to be getting to this series again, especially now that I’m past the first book’s early problems.

I love the events that go on during the festival. I think it is well put together. I like the excuses given to keep the entire gang together for another book. I also love how they work together. The plot for the series is coming together more and more as well. In the previous book, it was just a hint. Now, we have learned more. Edward “The Raptor” Samos is consolidating power in a bad guy fashion, and Jaz and Vayl are going to be the ones to have to take him out. We don’t really know what he is doing, though. And that makes it interesting.

I just love all the characters in this, even when they’re annoying the shit out of me. They’re like family, and family annoys one another. I love Bergman’s tech gadgets. I love Cassandra’s clairvoyance. I love Cole’s humor. I love Vayl’s ability to stay calm and do what has to be done. But most of all, I love Jaz. Jaz is not a stable individual, and the events in her past that were revealed in the previous book have destabilized her even further. A large part of the plot is about Jaz coping with her destabilization and I absolutely adore this part of the story.

I really like the tech in this, as I have said. Bergman has made a suit that is almost indestructible. And allows the wearer to breathe fire. And have scales. And allows the wearer to not need to breathe the outside air for a time. And…like, so many other things. Absolutely impossible, but utterly cool. I wish Bergman’s tech were real, because then I could have an Astral of my own (to come in at a later book, but is super awesome guys!).

I’m going to quit the gushing now and go read the next book.

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