98 points, 5 stars!
Alert: Complete and unabashed gushing ahead

Self Blurb:

The mess on Dabin is cleared up, and now Ia and her Damned are back on a new ship, Damnation. Ia and her Damned are ready to end the war with the Salik once and for all, but at what cost? The Greys are back and looking to take over Terran and V’Dan worlds to prevent their inevitable species death. And Ia has to plan for the future, faster than before.


“In fact, God gave them to me so that I could save you, even if you are little more than a festering pustule hidden within the scrotal folds of the Devil Himself.”


My standard warning for this series: Don’t read this review if you haven’t read read prior books in this series and want to. I cannot guarantee no spoilers for previous books in the series, and I don’t want you to spoil yourself.

Hellfire and Damnation, does a lot of stuff happen in Damnation. It just starts and never, ever stops. Even to the end. There is just too much that has to happen.

When I get to the end of Damnation, it is hard to remember just where the book started because so much has happened since the beginning of the book. We have so much left to get done at the start, and all of it is quickly winding up. The added pressure and stress afforded by her unexpected generalship isn’t help Ia, either. It just gave her more things to do!

If you’re keeping track of things very closely, you’ll know that Ia told us a lot of things would happen by the end, even from the very first book. There are a lot of hints and things outright stated but in mysterious terms. Almost none of these have happened so far. They do by the end. That is why I like the foreshadowing in this series so, so much. Even the littlest things that Ia hint at in the beginning come true by the end. Basically everything for the entire series ends up happening in Damnation. I love it, because you couldn’t have known that at the start.

Bloody Mary. Oh, Bloody Mary. What exactly is murder? Why hasn’t Ia earned the nickname of Blood Mary yet? What will Ia do over the course of Damnation? Will she be able to live with herself after she has done the things she has foreseen have to happen? Read and find out!

We still have two major problems to deal with: the Salik and the Greys. Ia has promised again and again that the Salik would be taken care of before the end. That something would happen and they would cause their own demise. Well, as of the start of this book, this hasn’t even begun! How does so much happen in this book?! It has been a long, hard journey to even get to this point. So much has had to happen. Yet it isn’t even close to being over. So much will happen and so much will come of it. We’re in for a treat.

Plus, we also have the Second Grey War starting up again. Ia had promised it would happen, but they haven’t even made their first move at the start of Damnation. Nothing is forgotten, not even the Greys. Even a throwaway line by Ia in the “I hope they don’t…” gets addressed. They don’t constitute as much of the plot, since it is mostly about the Saliks. I would have liked more time spent with the Greys, even if there wasn’t much there.

Ia makes a speech at the end of this book.
I cannot put into words how much that speech hurts me.
Just thinking about it now is bringing me to tears, close to sobbing.
I break down every time at the start and it takes me days to recover.
You need to read this series just for that speech.

I’ve finish this series yet again. Now all I have to do is finish the sobbing, get over my depression and move on. This happens every time, and I hope it continues to happen with every reread. Next year, Ia. I’ll see you again next year.