59 points, 3 stars

Self Blurb:

The Draug have been defeated, and Morganville is trying to get back to normal. There is only one problem, though. The vampires of Morganville have decided that enough is enough, and the humans have to fall in line and follow their decrees. Or else. Even worse, there is a television crew snooping around Morganville, looking for ghosts.


“My vampire boss, who would like to maybe be my boyfriend, just dropped in to tell me he was running away because Morganville’s too dangerous.”


Oof, wrong direction. Where the last two-part arc was really good, and I enjoyed reading it, I really grew to dislike “Bitter” Blood. Bitter because Claire is angry the entire damn book. Again. All she does is bitch and whine, and it is really, really unpleasant to read!

The worst part of Bitter Blood is the vampires. Once again, they decide that they are superior creatures, and therefore the own the few humans left in the town. They’re trying to regain the glory they had. Which is especially stupid after all the humans have done for them in the last couple of arcs. What idiocy on their parts. What the hell did they expect to happen?

And all because Amelie finally copulates with Oliver, so now he is supposed to be controlling her? Like that would ever happen? Gimme a break. Nothing about this book makes sense.

Except maybe Myrnin, which is nothing anyone, ever, should be saying. Crazy Myrnin is back yet again. And he is probably the sanest vampire in the entire fucking place.

Then there is the ghost hunter TV show. Which is just as ridiculous as you might imagine it being. Some of you may like this, some of you may not. I’m on the side of not. However, it did produce some very emotional moments. It was actually a bit heartbreaking at times. The ghost hunter TV show thing did two things well: it wrapped up an arc that needed solving and it resolved some old feelings with the characters.

Overall, I don’t think I’m going to be continuing with this reread. I wanted to read the last two books in this series again, that is why I read the first thirteen. However, I just cannot make myself go through this anymore.