83 points, 4 ¼ stars

Self Blurb:

Admiral John “Black Jack” Geary witnessed the fall of two planets at the hands of a mysterious force. A force that ends up being a fleet of Alliance A.I. warships. Geary has to defeat them before they learn too much and become unstoppable. His only hope? To find their base, and remove it.


“What would you call someone who felt nothing at all when they killed, never questioned an order to kill, and never hesitated, but simply killed and moved on to the next target?” “[…] a monster.”


Leviathan is the best book out of them all so far. I feel it was always going to come to this ending, I’m just sad it didn’t end the way I was hoping for it to end. Maybe a future series, alas. Leviathan is a good ending to Geary’s story, for now. I think Campbell has more planned, though. Everything that was started in the Beyond the Frontier series has been dealt with. There is only one thing left that the series started out with: taking this evil, incompetent, frustrating government down. Another series hopefully.

The Alliance Government has taken things a step too far. They have created an entire fleet out of Artificial Intelligence run ships. No people at all. And they have all been updated to Geary’s tactics. This is the physical magnification to the height of Alliance incompetence. And now it is made worse because Geary is effectively fighting himself. He has to outthink himself.

It is a good thing he has Desjani there to help him. She has been with him through this entire journey, dissecting what he has been doing. I love how this relationship grew over the course of the two series, to the point where Desjani is now considered not the wife of Black Jack Geary, but a competent leader in her own right.

Everything is made worse due to years of classifying everything. This embodies “the left hand doesn’t know what the right is doing.” Everything to do with the war has been highly classified for longer than anyone can really remember. And not even everyone who should know in the government does know, once again due to extreme classifying of data. I hate it and it annoys me. Yet, I understand why Campbell did it.

The end. Well. I wasn’t expecting it to end how it did. I may have cried a little. I won’t spoil it but I really wasn’t expecting it. I’m glad it happened that way, and I hate that it happened that way.

This is the last in this series. I have the side series and the prequel series left to read, and I’m looking forward to reading them now much more than I did before I started this series.

Side Note: The cover is amazing, and adequately covers exactly what to expect out of the end of Leviathan and the Beyond the Frontier series.