4 stars.

Children of the Nameless follows two people. Tacenda, who is both blessed and cursed, as she tried to get revenge for her fallen family and village, and Davriel, the world’s laziest Dark Lord ever.

“Someone’s been imitating me.”
“A difficult task,” Miss Highwater said. “Think of the sheer number of naps they’d have to take.”

I went into this expecting nothing. In fact, I only read this because I was really bored on an hour long car ride. However, I was really amused and entertained by this small novel (that is just long enough to not qualify as a novella). It hit a need I didn’t even realize I had. If you’ve read Sanderson’s Shadows for Silence in the Forest of Hell, it is similar in atmosphere: dark, creepy forest filled with danger. The story is easy to follow as well as compelling. It was all around good.

“Can we stop the carriage?” Miss Highwater said. “I need to find that demonologist and nail his tongue to something.”

This story was written for Magic: The Gathering, which I never thought I would ever read anything about. I don’t follow MtG at all, and this is my introduction. I can’t say I’ll read more, but I can say that I didn’t need any background to follow the story at all. If you’re like me and know nothing about the world, you needn’t worry, Sanderson has you well in hand.

In the middle of the quest to save the village – while the night was ticking away and each moment brought Tacenda closer to losing her vision – Lord Davriel Cane took a nap.

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