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Broke and unemployed, “Jumper” Sirantha Jax accepts a diplomatic mission for the government only to find herself up against Syndicate criminals, man-eating aliens, and her own grim, space-weakened body.


“Seeing so many worlds rouses an odd sensation; I’d call it wanderlust, but it’s more like a fierce need to move on, because I don’t have anywhere like these folks do.[…]One they’d fight for, die for. Home.”


…Nothing happened.

Like, actually nothing happened.

I’m so confused. How did nothing happen? I could have sworn this book was the next book in the series…probably because I remembered nothing that happened in this book. Because nothing happened in this book.

It is just a set of random plots in a series of cacophonous noise. We run from event that doesn’t make sense to event that doesn’t make sense and nothing important is ever accomplished.

Sirantha is better than she was. A bit more healed. But she has a lot going on. Multiple groups are pressuring her to do what they want her to do for them. With high threats in place. The biggest thing to come out of Wanderlust is probably the fact that something is wrong with Sirantha. Something medical. And it has to do with her ability to access Grimspace. Jumping is actually hurting her, may actually be able to kill her, not just break her mind, and she is going to likely have to give it up.

Sirantha’s relationship with March continues to annoy me. They both understand each other so well, but they continually misread each other. Which is ridiculous since March can read her mind. Classic case of jumping into a relationship too early without thinking things through. On the other hand, Sirantha’s relationship with Vel is so damn great. Even if they are only friends, they understand each other so well. It is the relationship she should have had with March, but screw that because Vel is a better person, for all that he isn’t a person at all.

Honestly, not a single thing learned in Wanderlust couldn’t have been learned elsewhere at another point. Without the tears streaming down my face, I just saw a lot of the flaws. Very little makes sense.

Why did I rate it four stars?

I enjoyed reading it. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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