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As a “Jumper” who navigates ships through grimspace, Sirantha Jax is used to kicking ass. So why is she suddenly chosen as an ambassador of peace?


“He’s earned a lifetime of peace and happiness, but some people never get what they deserve. That’s why there are saints in gutters and sadists in palaces.”


Doubleblind is the book I most wanted to read on this reread. It didn’t disappoint. I enjoyed the hell out of reading it again. Not only did I have fun reading the story. I actually finally got some answers how this world is even built. So far, this is the book in the series with the least amount of problems to it. And it was super fun.

I love Sirantha in her Ambassadorial role to the Ithtorians. She is woefully underqualified and she knows it. But she is the only one available, and she does her very best. And all the credit goes to Vel, who is the bestest friend in all the world and I love him. I wish Sirantha and Vel had a relationship, because they’re adorable together and they seriously make this entire series, just the two of them.

The secondary characters are more interesting than they were before. March has come back from war, utterly broken. Not physically, but mentally. He has switched into an uncaring, unfeeling being. Sirantha’s personal PDA, and AI, has got a body, and she is amazing! Jael is just damned interesting. They really help this story so much.

This book tells two stories at the same time. The primary is Sirantha being an Ambassador and kicking ass. Yet there is a secondary story played out in little vignettes in the end of the chapters. It tells the story about what is happening out in the rest of the galaxy as Sirantha is trying to save it. It is really interesting.

I am enjoy reading these books so much. Perhaps more than I should, but enough to make me happy. I’m enjoying my rereading journey through the series.

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