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My name is Mercedes Athena Thompson Hauptman, and I am a car mechanic.
And a coyote shapeshifter.
And the mate of the Alpha of the Columbia Basin werewolf pack.

Even so, none of that would have gotten me into trouble if, a few months ago, I hadn’t stood upon a bridge and taken responsibility for the safety of the citizens who lived in our territory. It seemed like the thing to do at the time. It should have only involved hunting down killer goblins, zombie goats, and an occasional troll. Instead, our home was viewed as neutral ground, a place where humans would feel safe to come and treat with the fae.

The reality is that nothing and no one is safe.  As generals and politicians face off with the Gray Lords of the fae, a storm is coming and her name is Death.

But we are pack, and we have given our word.

We will die to keep it.


“This is going to be one of those nights when all I want to do is sleep, and you’re wound up like a spinning top, isn’t it?” he said.


Storm Cursed was so good I never wanted it to end. From the beginning, I was so happy to be back with Mercy I was practically giddy. Storm Cursed reminded me what I loved about this series after a few books in a row I wasn’t too enthralled.

Storm Cursed is actually a follow up to Frost Burned, which is actually my least favourite book in the series. The fact that I loved Storm Cursed so much is a testament to Patricia Briggs’ command of the characters. Briggs makes me care about who I’m reading about. I love them all.

But also the story. The story was back to what I love about this series. There are zombies! ZOMBIES! I’m amazed. And envious because I’ll never get to see a miniature goat zombie. It wasn’t all fun and games, though. Storm Cursed was actually very serious. It took me to places I didn’t expect. And I’m left kind of sad about it all. This is book eleven in the series, more if you count Alpha and Omega, and it feels like an end of an era. Even if the series isn’t over, and it isn’t, it feels like something ended with Storm Cursed.

Perhaps it feels like it is ending because I think we’ve finally completed a shift the series has been going through for a few books now. We’ve gotten very political, which is not something I typically see in urban fantasy. I’m loving it. I never thought that this series would turn political on me, considering where it started. But Mercy and Adam are too powerful, too in the middle of things to have it any other way.

And Mercy has changed over the past few books, too. You could see all the little changes before, and now they’re all coming together. Everything she has been through has changed her. She is much more sure of herself and her place in the pack. Yet she is more cautious. She is learning to be wary of the events that they land themselves in. I love this new Mercy, and seeing her work in this book was a delight.

Because the changes also affect her relationship with Adam. I have always loved their relationship, but in Storm Cursed it is something more. Something sublime. They function as a couple even better than they did before, which was pretty damn good. I could read entire books of them just doing everyday things together. I love these two.

And I loved Storm Cursed. I’m already awaiting the next in the series.

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