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Navigational grimspace “jumper” Sirantha Jax forms an army to defend colonists stationed on the outskirts of space from a legion of flesh- eating aliens.


“Nobility and self-sacrifice sound wonderful in theory, but now he’s seen how it feels. A dead hero is still dead at the end of the day, and you’re still alone.”


Ehhhh. Fuck you, March.

I really didn’t care for Killbox much. I knew this was going to be my least favourite in this reread, but I didn’t realise how little I would care for it a second time. Without that veil of depressive crying that I had before, this just is completely boring and annoying, honestly.

In a surprise to absolutely no one that has read this series up to this point, war has broken out, and it has dragged Siranth and March into it. As privateers. Isn’t that convenient and make not a lick of sense at all. Apparently the government in charge currently is incredibly incompetent (not actually a surprise) and never thought farther ahead than “look I’m in charge now!” (also not a surprise), so now they have to rely on a bunch of what are essentially pirates that work for them to clean up the messes they failed to foresee. All with zero resources other than “maybe someday we’ll get something for this selfless acts”.

Yeah, right!

And oh look! Sirantha and March once again have to part ways because reasons. He says it is because he is her commander, and they cannot be seen together in a relationship like that. Strictly professional. Bullshit, there isn’t anything about this Privateer army that would necessarily mean they can’t be together. There are no rules against it. The “someone could hurt you to get to me!” defense doesn’t fly when you’re in charge of discipline. He just didn’t want to be together with her! Fuck you, March.

Sirantha should be with Vel, anyway. They are amazing together. The fact that Vel had to go away for actual, legitimate reasons is absolutely heartbreaking. This is the first time they have really had to spend any time apart. And it sucks. I wanted him around the whole time he was gone. Gimme Vel! Fuck you, March.

The way the science in this series moves is an absolute joke. Complex genetic problems are solved in a week by a man who doesn’t have time to sleep, for all his other duties, yet tacks on this other problem and solves it without breaking a sweat. They figure out that they can modify the jump drives through an entirely random leap of logic, and oh look that is implemented in a few weeks. And now also there are all powerful nanites that Sirantha is willing to have put into her experimentally after the new jump drive nearly killed her. It’s a joke.

At the end of most of the chapters, there was once again a series of communications between the lead guy in the government and their agent in place. He was some kind of spy/covert op trying to make certain they win the war. It doesn’t really add much except a background for..well, nothing really come to think of it. It just keeps us in the loop, I guess.

Really, worst book in the series so far. Nothing really stood out to me as being good or interesting like the previous books in the series were, despite their being not the best thing I’ve ever read. At least I know the other two books aren’t as bad as this, but new readers may be discouraged.

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