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During the war against murderous, flesh-eating aliens, grimspace “jumper” Sirantha Jax decided to go it alone. The cost of her actions: the destruction of modern interstellar travel-and the lives of six hundred Conglomerate soldiers. Now she’s on trial fro dereliction of duty, desertion, mass murder, high treason…and her life.


“While it might be a nightmare of a choice and have left me in the worst mess of my life, I did what I thought best. Too bad I survived it. Dead women get monuments; live ones get trials.”


After Killbox, I really wanted a lot out of this series because it let me down so much. I’m glad that with Aftermath, I got that desire fulfilled. Honestly, Aftermath probably should have been worse than it was, but I enjoyed reading it so, so much. So much happens in this book, and I liked pretty much all of it. I most especially liked the emotional kick in the teeth.

As the name implies, Aftermath deals with picking up the pieces after the way the last book ended. Sirantha broke their economy to end the war, and killed a bunch of people that shouldn’t have died in the process. Well, she successfully and decisively won the war, just as everything looked like it was lost.

And now Sirantha is on trial for mass murder and treason, among other charges. There is a rather lengthy trial process in which Sirantha is taken down to nothing. No contact with anyone. Not even my beloved Vel! This process was sad and everything, but ultimately the outcome was expected and the process was boring.

It was after that when things really get interesting. Sirantha follows through on her promise to clone Baby Z and return him to his home. The homecoming is super sweet and kind. And I really like it. Until they toss her into another dimension along with Vel. That wasn’t so sweet or welcoming. It was really good story though. I enjoyed this part, more because of the implications and consequences than for what actually happened. I love so much about what happens because of this sequence of events.

The best thing about Aftermath is actually the fact that March is barely in it. I’m still mad at him for the shit he has put Sirantha through already. And I’m even more mad at him because of what he managed to do with his little time this time around. They just don’t match up.

Once again there is another story being told at the end of a lot of the chapters in the book. This time it is very cute and I enjoyed it. Still kind of useless overall, but I enjoyed reading the love story.

As much as I am enjoying the reread, I’m really glad there is only one more book in it.

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