Warning: systemic non-consensual sex (slavery, biological control mechanisms)

Amazon Blurb:

Regret nothing.

Sirantha Jax has the J-gene, which permits her to “jump” faster-than-light ships through grimspace. She loves nothing more than that rush, but the star roads have to wait…

Her final mission takes her to La’heng, a planet subjugated during first contact. Since then, the La’hengrin homeworld has been occupied by foreign conquerors.

All that’s about to change.

Now, as part of a grassroots resistance, Jax means to liberate the La’hengrin. But political intrigue and guerrilla warfare are new to her, and this will be the most dangerous game she’s ever played—spies and conspiracies, a war of weapons and hearts, and not everyone is guaranteed to make it out alive…


“This is not a love story. It is my life, and as such, there is love, loss, war, death, and sacrifice. It’s about things that needed to be done and choices made. I regret nothing.”


As the title suggests, Endgame is the end of the game. And the end comes up so fast, too. Not for the series, but for the book! I can understand why a lot of people hate this book. Personally, I like it more than I feel I should. It doesn’t fit in with the rest of the series at all, but I enjoyed the hell out of reading it.

I do, however, feel a bit cheated because the end was just so abbreviated. I never got all of the things I really wanted to see out of the series. I wanted their personal lives. Especially after all the personal revelations that came out of the previous book. I needed to see where they were going, but it just sort of… ended.

The whole of Endgame was war. Sirantha is fulfilling her promise to Loras to free his people from the biological warfare that took their planet and their bodies away from them. And that is all that happens. Preparing for war, disseminating the drug that frees them, then fighting and fighting and fighting. I want to say there was more, but there just really wasn’t.

The saving grace of this was, as always, Sirantha and Vel together. I fucking hated March all damn book, and the fact that he is even in this is a crime in my opinion. He shouldn’t have even been there, but he was because author reasons. Bah. All March and Sirantha do the whole time is fight, and some nasty words come out of it. How they make up in the end I have no idea, other than the author decided to overlook everything that was said because she wanted them to be together. Sirantha and Vel on the other hand? The light in my eyes regarding this series. They are perfect. I love them. Always.

As much as I really enjoyed this reread, I’m also really glad it is over. I was totally invested in the characters (at least some of them), but the story had lots and lots of issues. I probably won’t be rereading this again.

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