90 points, 4 ¾ stars!

Self Blurb:

President Gwen Iceny and General Artur Drakon have successfully liberated Midway Star System, but the Syndicate aren’t done with them yet. In nearby Ulindi Star System, there is another former Syndicate CEO has taken control, and it isn’t safe to have an enemy nearby. Drakon and his forces are dispatched to make certain that ally forces win. Not to create an empire of their own, but to create allies. While Drakon is away, Midway erupts into renewed violence as forces working against the President and General finally manage to spark embers.


“I am not afraid of you. And I do not want you to be afraid of me.” It was perhaps the biggest lie she had ever spoken, and there had been some truly majestic lies spoken by her over time.


Another installment in The Lost Stars, another book that was just plain fun. Thinking about it, Imperfect Sword didn’t have a lot of things that happened. Yet so much happened as well. It was all action and things blowing up. I loved it.

There are three main threats left to Midway Star System right now, and Imperfect Sword leads the first of those problems into a solution, builds up a second of those problems up throughout the book, and then dumps the third problem in at the end.

The first problem, of course, is the leftover Syndicate worlds. Nearby Star Systems are still partly or completely controlled by Syndicate forces. This isn’t good, it is a weak point for Midway Star system. They need to get rid of the Syndicate in nearby systems so they can keep Midway safe. This is the big action draw for Imperfect Sword. It was amazing to watch.

The second problem is internal forces working against Iceni and Drakon. There have been problems before now, of course. However, those problems are ramping up. And they ramp even further throughout the book. It will be finalised in the next book, but it is starting to get interesting now. Third problem is, of course, the Enigma.

I love Drakon and Iceni to pieces. But they really just need to fuck already. Their constantly “deciding” to trust each other complete is growing a bit tiresome. Thankfully the next book is the last and hopefully I can get to see them bone 🤞. The two of them are worth the angst, but I’m glad it is nearly over. At least their flirting is cute.

The secondary characters are amazing, though. They are shining even brighter than they did in the previous book, and they shone pretty bright there. I love them all. How does The Lost Stars have so many characters to love compared to The Lost Fleet?! I’m grateful though, because it makes me love it so much more than I would have if the characters were boring or interchangeable.

Slowly Drakon and Iceni are gaining control and making a place for themselves. I’m looking forward to the last book in the series.