Dazzling space battles, intergalactic politics, and rogue AI collide in Velocity Weapon, the first book in this epic space opera by award-winning author Megan O’Keefe.

Sanda and Biran were siblings destined for greatness. Her: a dedicated soldier with the skills to save the universe. Him: a savvy politician with ambitions for changing the course of intergalactic war. 

However, on a routine maneuver, Sanda’s gunship gets blown out of the sky. Instead of finding herself in friendly hands, she awakens 230 years later upon an empty enemy smartship who calls himself Bero. The war is lost. The star system and everyone in it is dead. Ada Prime and its rival Icarion have wiped each other from the universe.

Now, separated by space and time, Sanda and Biran will find a way to put things right.

Available on Amazon and other major outlets June 11, 2019. Preorder now!


“I rather enjoyed the puns.”
“But not the cat pictures?”
“May I ask you an embarrassing question, Sanda?”
“Those are my favorite kind.”
“Are cats… real?”


Velocity Weapon was amazing. I could feel everything the characters were feeling throughout the book. I loved the characters, and I loved the story as much as I loved the characters. I have been looking for this book for two years now, and it turns out the reason I wasn’t able to find it was because it hadn’t been released yet!

O’Keefe made me feel lost and feel hope with the story in Velocity Weapon. I felt lost when Sanda realised she was all alone, when Biran learned that Sanda was lost, presumed dead. I felt hope when they both found their respective paths to productivity. And then…and then I felt more. So much more. The midway point in this book has so many twists and so many emotions. I can’t wait to watch others start to read this so I can see their reactions!

Velocity Weapon is also very dreary. Which is one of my favourite tones to read. Sanda is alone now that she has been asleep for 230 years. So alone. Alone enough that she is doing everything she can to not think about it, to just work on survival. She doesn’t want to give up hope that easy. Biran refuses to give up hope as well, and is willing to do absolutely anything he can to find his sister again. Even if it means taking on a political role he doesn’t really want and that sounds like it will bite him.

This also features an amazing ship AI, Bero. Bero is like a cross between my two favourite ships. The first ship is Paragon, from Liveship Traders by Robin Hobb, who is a cross between a child and a man, who is improperly used and is left alone for years. Bero, too, never seems to have “grown up” properly, and suffers from moods due to isolation and ill use. The second ship is Owl from A Closed and Common Orbit by Becky Chambers, who’s only goal is to save a young woman who is left alone in a hostile environment with very limited supplies. Which is almost exactly what Bero is, too. He is awesome and I love him. I need others to love him, too.

This was just absolutely spectacular to read. There were just so many twists and turns in Velocity Weapon. It is a masterfully woven tale that made me, on more than one occasion, yell out in shock. I’m already looking forward to book two!

I received this book from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. Thank you to Megan E. O’Keefe, Orbit, and Netgalley for providing the opportunity to review this copy!