90 points, 4 ¾ stars!

Self Blurb:

President Gwen Iceni and General Artur Drakon have established a stable new government at Midway Star System. They’re trying to find new allies which will help keep them safer from the continually splintering Syndicate Worlds. There are only a few things left, including a renewed interest by the Enigma race in Syndicate territories. More personally, Gwen and Artur each have to deal with once trusted underlings turning on them. Can they survive those who know them best?


“I rather enjoyed the puns.” “But not the cat pictures?” “May I ask you an embarrassing question, Sanda?” “Those are my favorite kind.” “Are cats… real?”


Shattered Spear is a fantastic ending to the The Lost Stars series. I enjoyed reading it. There are some things I wanted more of, but everything I wanted out of the series has been fulfilled. I’m actually really sad it is over.

The main battle of the book was utterly brilliant. I loved it. Most exciting one yet. I can’t believe how good it was, even. In Shattered Spear, we still had the Enigma hanging around looking to butt in on former Syndicate territory, and some Syndicate forces on the way to make Midway’s life difficult, and also a pirate controlled system nearby.

And it all crashes together at once.

And it was amazing.

As a result of the big, long battle, Shattered Spear was a bit light on other things, and a it was even a bit shorter than the previous books. That is okay though, because everything else is handled great, too.

For a book that in no way should have been cute, this was insanely cute. I loved the characters throughout the series. Shattered Spear just made them even better, and their relationships made me happy. This book hit hard, though, because of what the characters have to go through together. I’m sad right now, for the first time in a Jack Campbell book. My only regret is I never got the chance to see the answer to the joke of how do two CEOs choose who is on top.

Everything really was wrapped up nicely, if not completely. There are still a bunch of answers I want to questions that I have had for 15 books now. I know the next series is actually a prequel to The Lost Fleet following Geary, but I’m hopeful that Campbell will return to Drakon and Iceni. It wouldn’t be unprecedented. I just enjoyed that the ending to The Lost Stars wasn’t needlessly dragged out and that I got everything I hoped for.

Except for the sex.