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Kidnapped as a young girl, her psychic powers harnessed by a madman, Memory lives a caged and isolated existence…until she comes face-to-face with a wolf. Labelled an empath by her bad-tempered rescuer, Memory knows that her ‘gift’ is nothing so bright. It is a terrible darkness that means she will always be hunted.

But Memory is free now and she intends to live. A certain growly wolf can just deal with it.

Alexei prefers to keep his packmates at bay, the bleak history of his family a constant reminder that mating, love, hope is not for him. But Memory, this defiant and fearless woman who stands toe-to-toe with him awakens the most primal part of his nature–and soon, he must make a choice: risk everything or lose Memory to a murderous darkness that wants to annihilate her from existence…


“It takes a great deal to insult a wolf, so if you manage it, kudos to you. He’ll probably give you ten thousand orgasms in revenge. You poor, poor thing.”


I loved Wolf Rain so much. We are back with the SnowDancers, with the wolves. We are back and I love everyone. This feels like the best day ever, because I love everyone in this book! Wolf Rain was just so good. I loved the progression of the story and the progression of the romance. I just loved everything.This was the best book in the Psy/Changeling Trinity series to date.

I also really, really love broken characters.

Alexei was recently broken. He lost his parents as a young child, but he always had his older brother. Until his brother turned rogue and killed his mate before being stopped. This was only about a year ago, and Alexei is still hurting, still raw inside. It is still hard for him to be around others.

Until he finds Memory in a cage and breaks her out. His fierce, beautiful Memory.

Memory was taken as a young child, put in a cage and abused. Her mother murdered in front of her. When she wasn’t in her inescapable cage, she was taken out and controlled by her abductor. Broken. So broken. Yet FIERCE. She snarls and fights back whenever someone else tries to control her. I love Memory so much, she makes my heart ache for her. I just need her to be happy.

Yet she isn’t, because she thinks she is a monster. She has learned to fear her powers. She is an E-psy, but it is a new designation. Something no one has seen before. She is different from the rest of the empaths. Also, her abductor is still on the loose, and he is coming for her. But what makes her different? What can she really do? What is her purpose other than to be a monster?

I loved Wolf Rain so much, because it wasn’t about Psy vs Humans/Weres. It was about the Silence Protocol and the disintegration of the PsyNet. But it was also about the characters. Characters I loved so much. I’m so happy.

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