98 points, 5 STARS!
Warning: Depictions of Self Harm


Roger is skilled with words. Dodger is his twin, and she can see the world in numbers. And they aren’t exactly human. They were created using alchemy to follow a plan. A plan that can make them gods. But what will that plan do to them?


“In that moment, Roger is sure– absolutely certain– of two things: Dodger is real, and he wants her to be his friend.”


Middlegame was amazing, and I absolutely loved it. I was a bit wary going in for no reason at other than because I was worried I would like it. If that doesn’t make sense to you, then that is okay. It doesn’t make sense to me, either. But, I love Seanan McGuire very much, so it was inevitable that I would love this.

That doesn’t mean this wasn’t just a great book on its own, without my initial biases to love it. Middlegame was captivating from the very beginning. Once I finally sat down to start this, I couldn’t put it down. I was never quite certain how things were going to go. It kept jumping around in time, yet I just had to know how the future, that we saw in those tantalizing glimpses, came to be.

Middlegame isn’t much like any of the other things I have read from Seanan McGuire. It is less linear. It is a much darker story. At times it has a depressing atmosphere. It is painful as hell and it is real. Oh so real. Heartbreakingly real.

This book follows two people, brother and sister, as they grow up and find out who, and what, they are. They are separated by space but not by time. Yet, they know who each other are. They are Roger and Dodger, and they love each other. Even when they hurt each other. Even when they hate each other. They are as different as they are similar. Roger understands language. Dodger is a math prodigy. And they’re both connected to each other through a bond that neither could break, even if they wanted to. I love them.

Middlegame is a tale that weaves itself through time and through pain. Through a lot of hardship and a lot of blood. And it is perfect, so beautifully perfect.