I’m started a series where I look at past months in previous years and see what I was reading. What I liked, what I didn’t like. What I have kept up with and what I have set aside. What was a favourite, and what fell from grace. It is also a way to give a review to some past series that I’m probably unlikely to ever review in full.

Compared to May, which had so many series I had to break it up into two posts, I just have two on the list. TWO! The reason? I had two summer classes at uni, and summer classes cram an entire semester worth of material in four-6 weeks. I just didn’t have the time for more.

Then again, these two series accounted for 18 books, so maybe I shouldn’t say I barely read anything, huh?

J.R. Ward’s Black Dagger Brotherhood


This is one of those series that starts off on a high point for me, but has dragged itself down into such a depth of disappointment that after the last book in the series I read, I decided to be done with it entirely.

BDB is very, very paranormal romance, with only hints of urban fantasy. What I liked the most about the series was the enemy of the vampires. The enemy was equal parts terrifying and ridiculous. What I liked second best was the broken main characters, who all find happiness and love with a girl (or guy) that turns their life around. What I liked third best was the utterly ridiculous names (Wrath, Zsadist, Phury, iAm, Xhex….the list goes on). Sad but true.

So what went wrong? Well, it didn’t end when it was meant to. You can tell the author had a very clear exit plan in the beginning of the series. She didn’t utilize it. And now the series has so many characters she is trying to juggle all at the same time. Nothing important has happened in books and books. It’s just circling around itself. Plot lines that started ages ago have utterly been forgotten as it plays with itself. And it isn’t interesting when it does that. You have to have some kind of forward momentum for a story to stay interesting.

So while I do recommend the beginning of the series, I recommend stopping reading when you’re growing bored with it. It isn’t worth it, and it doesn’t get better. In fact, she started an entire NEW series, Black Dagger Legacy, to try and keep up with all the plot lines and characters she had started – didn’t work, just added on to the problem.

J.R. Ward’s Fallen Angels


Fallen Angels is another paranormal romance series by J.R. Ward, and is actually a loosely connected spinoff of Black Dagger Brotherhood. It is also better than Black Dagger Brotherhood in that it actually ends.

I’ll probably never ever reread this series. It wasn’t bad, it just didn’t stand out at all. The enemy wasn’t as cool as it was in Black Dagger Brotherhood. I never felt connected to any of the people. It was just standard paranormal romance. The only difference is that it heavily features angels and demons, as opposed to the vampires in BDB.

Wow, I feel like I didn’t talk about anything in this post. Just a lot of paranormal romance!